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  • We need to cut a trailer for our 19min eco-thriller Crude, which has already screened for an audience of 200 at BAFTA (London) in June to a strong audience response. It's action packed, including a kidnap, SWAT team and numerous special effects. It feels like a feature and we want the trailer to maintain an epic, cinematic feel. Great musical score and sound, with production values backed by a...



    In about 3 weeks, The first season of the new action-packed web-series,

    “The Connected” will begin filming in Cleveland, Ohio. Written and directed by Brandon Bell with D & A Productions.

    This action-packed, web-drama has an awesome storyline that involves two different families in the...

Jerrod D. Brito
  • "ONE NEW MESSAGE" Genre: Dramedy Total Run Time: 8 minutes

    Crew needed ASAP, shooting the second weekend in October in Denver and Aurora Colorado.

    Logline: After waking up to an un-heard voice-mail from his ex-girlfriend, a man endures a series of dramatic fantasies throughout his day while trying to predict its contents.

    Currently seeking a few positions:...

Craig MacLachlan
  • I have several short scripts I would like to see made. Love Me is a short 5 page drama that won third place in a competition. Isolation is a short 4 page thriller. Listener is a short 30 page thriller. I'm very flexible to change locations and/or effects, or whatever would need to happen in the scripts to accommodate budgets, etc.

    I have a completed short drama film I co-wrote, Roger,...

  • During our "Work in Progress " in June 2013 , my colleague from Paris ( France) musician Benoit Mardelle and I did some visits to specific places in Mauritius , to enrich our inspiration . We visited the " Aventure Du Sucre " and were impressed by the item "Blue Indigo". This specific period of early plantation in Mauritius from "Coolies" .This specific process from the greenish leaves to heavy...

Keith Walker
This project is seeking paid talent.
  • Seeking P.A. for short film project. Experience for this position is not required, but if you have experience it is a plus. Duties will include:

    Assist in set Lock-ups, managing Extras (if required); crowd control; collecting paperwork and out times for the production; passing out scripts and schedules; escort actors; load and unload equipment. Compensation for your time will be...

Keith Walker
This project is seeking paid talent.
  • Candidate should have his/her own equipment if not one will be provided (must have knowledge in operation of camera). We are looking to shoot for two weeks in the Philadelphia area for more information please forward resume or reel of work to experience onset is not required but you must know how to operate equipment serious replies only.

Mikki Hall
  • I'm looking for a cameraman with his own equipment to shoot a 30 second teaser trailer this Fri afternoon. This is not a paid position. This teaser is to help garner funding partners for the short film, Death is Too Late. This will be shot in Fillmore, which is in Ventura County.

Sharmane Franklin Johnson
  • WOMEN IN FILM & VIDEO: NEW ENGLAND is currently casting for a staged reading production of an award-winning script: looking for actors in the Boston area, to play Latino male, female and child roles.

    IN SEARCH OF OUR FATHER, SYLVESTER STALLONE, written by Worcester State grad Santa Sierra is the Women in Film & Video New England Screenplay Competition winner of 2013. In...

This project is seeking paid talent.