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  • Seeking a photo editor/animator to make different gifs, using stills and footage from our short film, to be used as promotional items throughout social media.

    If you are good at making gifs and would like to be a part of our film's post-production, please contact me.

    We will provide credit for your contribution.



    Nathaniel Nuñez

  • Looking for a sound guy, and/or PA for a short action film set in an apocalyptic desert setting with weapons and cool cars (see below)!  This film will be submitted for Project Greenlight (Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's HBO Series).

    I have all the sound gear, I just need someone to operate it.  We have a stunt choreographer and fight coordinator coming, as well as others to...

Kevin Hopkins
  • "An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance... The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break... " - Unaccredited Chinese Proverb... Animated short of a journey that follows the death of a star, the heartache of missing someone, the creation of a world, a chance encounter, and love at first site that was all destined from the beginning.

Alan Baltes
This project is seeking paid talent.
This project is seeking paid talent.
  • With Stage 32 being a great platform for entertainment professionals and beginners to connect, I would like to use this opportunity to engage with the multitude of Entertainment individuals on this site.


    I am Currently in search of a talent agent or management in either Acting or Music syncing who has a network both here in the United Kingdom and the United States....

Tim Becker
  • For anyone who might be interested in doing a few silent films.....


    I'm still looking to expand my casting pool for my silent films.

    I actually have a shoot coming up this weekend, in which I will require a few faces. (AUG 2, 9am to 2pm, in St Charles). Additional details to come.

    There are silent thrillers in which the main character is a...

Adrian Driscoll
  • We are ready to shoot our short film "I Told You So. It is a short love story to be submitted to Sundance as well as other film festivals.  We just need a few people to help us out.

    We need:

    Camera Operator

    Lighting crew

    Sound Guy

    Director of Photography





    These roles aren't paid as of now but I have a lot of future work with the company that is paid. 

Clayton McDougall

    Looking for THREE BOYS (ranging from 10-16) to play YOUNG SKATE PUNKS in upcoming ASU thesis film.

    SYNOPSIS: Wes and Nick are two best friends, but when they are tasked with moving a couch across Tempe, that friendship is put to the test.

    Auditions will be held this Sunday, August 3rd, from 12-2pm on the ASU campus in FAC room 132. Parking...

  • We (The Terrible Productions) will be filming our very first feature-length horror movie this fall out of Los Angeles.

    Synopsis: Friends Mary and Tom are given the task of packing up Tom’s recently deceased Grandmother’s house deep in the wooded mountains of an undisclosed location. What is supposed to be a quiet week of work and study takes a turn with the appearance of a...