Danielle Kaheaku
3 years ago

In Extremis

  • Riverside, California
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Actors, Camera operators, Crew, Directors of Photography, Editors, Key grips, Music composers, Producers, Sound editors, Sound mixers, Special effects technicians, Stunt coordinators, Stunt performers, and Visual effects artists

About the project

For the Lord is a God of retribution; he will repay in full. A trio of orphans open their home to a weary traveler, unaware that their kindness strikes a chord in his heart like no mortals have before. When the youngest son is killed by the ruthless town leaders in their crusade to obtain more power, vengeance comes by the furious hand of the love-struck Grim.

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Dear Danielle,

I’m responding to your ad for a composer for your project. It sounds like a great opportunity and I would look forward very much to being part of your creative team. My contributions to E! Entertainment, Harpo and CBS are among the examples available for your approval.A direct link to my demonstration reel is: http://www.louisgentile.net/video.cfm My website is: http://www.louisgentile.net which contains assorted music/video examples, and professional references. Thank you for your time and consideration, and best of luck with your project.

Best wishes, Louis Gentile

  • 1 year ago