Rhonda Abrons
2 years ago

Immortal U

  • Austin, Texas
  • Development

Actors, Art department coordinators, Assistant directors, Directors of Photography, Entertainment attorneys, Gaffer/lighting technicians, Key grips, Location scouts, Makeup artists, and Set designers

About the project

Physical immortals race against time to help ordinary people become immortal. TV/Web Pilot development 90% complete. Seeking funding, product placement and network distribution.

In Austin, Texas a handful of immortals use a clinical research facility as a front to identify and foster Latents, individuals with high potential for paranormal and other immortal abilities. The Global Control Faction continually develops schemes to poison, embezzle or enslave the world’s population. Highly invested in keeping people unaware, the Control Faction will do anything to stop the immortals from showing humanity their true inner power.

www.immortaluwebtv.com IMDB Immortal U http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2320874/

Do you need any actors?

  • 1 year ago