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Stage 32 is the world's largest social network and educational site for film, television, and theater creatives. And it's free.

With over a quarter million members from every country on the planet, Stage 32 is uniquely populated with the most creative people on earth.

  • "I was not born into the age of technology. There was nothing like Stage 32 available to the hungry young artist. Support and connections were made in the foyers of theaters or at the local pub most frequented by actors and directors, mostly out of work. Stage 32 is a gift of the new age, a cyber connection that works on so many levels. Bravo to CEO Richard Botto and his staff. Aim high and life will support you."

    Terence Stamp
    Academy Award nominated actor
  • "Stage 32 has been incredibly valuable for someone like me who aims to straddle the worlds of both television and features. Stage 32 goes so much further than any site I know in terms of connecting artists and projects within the entertainment industry. Congrats Richard and the folks at Stage 32! You've created the ultimate community for nurturing and developing creativity."

    Brad Carpenter
    Nurse Jackie - Producer, Boardwalk Empire - Co-Producer
  • "Writing is such a solitary business, but most screenwriters I know are not solitary people. We may be artists, but we're also entertainers, at our best and most natural in the company of other people. I think Stage 32 is a terrific 21st century response to our need for connection, and I'm thrilled to contribute to this wonderful site."

    Danny Rubin
    Screenwriter (Groundhog Day), Harvard professor - Boston, MA
  • "In today's fast paced, high tech end of our creative process it's comforting to know that with a click of a mouse I can reach out through Stage 32 and begin new relationships with talented people all over the world. As a director/storyteller, it's imperative that I stay on top of our creative culture. Stage 32 provides me a way to always be ahead of the curve but also collaborate with other creatives in a way that promotes compelling stories that offer hope to the masses."

    Mark S. Jacobs
    Director, Cinematographer, Producer (Kitchen Nightmares, The Glee Project, Jesse's Story)
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