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About Geoff

Part of the acting community since 1984 (theatrical)...SAG~AFTRA member since 1990. -Thanks, Geoff.

Unique traits: Nice guy. Easy to work with on projects. "Know your lines & hit your marks."


  • Sick People

    Sick People (2016)
    Film by Ken Farrington (Thriller) Actor A doctor too disturbed to face his own father's terminal condition hires a morally and ethically bankrupt nurse to provide discreet (and illegal) end-of-life care in a seedy motel. Life for the apathetic nurse turns frantic as she becomes tormented by visions of dead patients she once neglected and mistreated. Unfolding by way of flashbacks and present days hauntings, this is the story of personal guilt, karma, consequences and Cassie Glass's ultimate frightening downfall...

  • Connor Rayne

    Connor Rayne (2015)
    Film by Roman Weaver (Drama) Actor Connor is hired to find out who killed his Bosses daughter Svetlanna. It leads him down a dark path where he has to determine what to do about his friendship with his friend and boss.

  • Message from Beyond

    Message from Beyond (2014)
    Film (short) by Matthew McGahren (Comedy and Horror) Actor An attempt to contact the dead results in a bizarre message from beyond.

  • Victim

    Victim (2014)
    Film (short) by Matt Green (Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor A woman with a terrifying secret is questioned about the events of a night that ended in murder.

  • Edgar Allan Poe's Mystery Theatre

    Edgar Allan Poe's Mystery Theatre (2014)
    Video by Jose Alejandro Acosta (Drama) Actor

  • Hamlet & Hutch

    Hamlet & Hutch (2014)
    Video by Matthew Young (Drama) Actor A former Broadway star, who is now a great-grandfather suffering from Alzheimer's, relocates to the South to live with his granddaughter Tatum and her 10-year-old daughter, Liv. Along with his great-granddaughter, they put on a small town production of Shakespeare's Classic "Hamlet". Written by Cas Siegers

  • The Last of Robin Hood

    The Last of Robin Hood (2013)
    Film by Wash Westmoreland (Biography, Drama and Romance) Actor The Last of Robin Hood is the true story of Beverly Aadland, a teen starlet who became the last girlfriend of legendary swashbuckler Errol Flynn. In 1957, Beverly was working at Warner Brothers studios with a fake birth certificate saying she was 18 -- she was in fact, only 15 -- when she encountered the former matinée idol. After a bumpy start, the two undertook a relationship that was ultimately embraced by Beverly's Hollywood mother Florence, who became a willing third wheel. The affair took them from L.A. to New York to Africa, then to Cuba where Flynn pitched in with the rebels to make a pro-Castro propaganda movie starring Beverly. It all came crashing to an end in Vancouver, however, when Flynn died in Beverly's arms, causing an avalanche of publicity; Florence finally achieved the attention she sought in the form of tabloid notoriety but the chaos drove Beverly to the edge of sanity. The Last of Robin Hood is a poignant yet darkly comic coming-of-age tale about the desire for ... Written by Anonymous

  • Savannah

    Savannah (2013)
    Film by Annette Haywood-Carter (Drama, Family, History and Romance) Actor, Actor SAVANNAH is the true story of Ward Allen, a romantic and bombastic character who rejects his plantation heritage for the freedom of life on a river. Ward navigates the change of early 20th century America on the wrong side of the law and society, his loyal friend, a freed slave named Christmas Moultrie, at his side. Master of Shakespeare, and the shotgun that provides Savannah's markets with fowl, Ward fights for his rights as a hunter. His charisma and eloquent rhetoric win the heart of a society woman who defies her father to marry him. An elderly Moultrie tells the story of life on the river with his friend to a little boy, who passes the legendary Ward Allen down to the next generation. Written by Anonymous

  • Bethlehem

    Bethlehem (2013)
    Film (short) by Alexander Zhuravlov (Drama and Thriller) Actor A single father turns to his faith while struggling with his runaway daughter. He finds her uncontrollable and disciplines her with beatings, hoping that she will make a turn for the better. But in her heart, grows hate and desire for revenge. She conspires a plan to destroy her father's life and find a way out from his control. Written by Anonymous

  • A Zombie Invasion

    A Zombie Invasion (2012)
    Film by Matt Green (Horror) Actor The inhabitants of a small town and it's very popular diner have to fend off a nasty infestation of hungry zombies.

  • The Voice of Venture

    The Voice of Venture (2012)
    Film (short) by Sean Rossi (Drama) Actor A custody lawyer contemplates his current status in life after finding his old childhood journal.

  • DocuDrama

    DocuDrama (2009)
    Film (short) by Michael Rhoades (Comedy and Drama) Actor A strong-willed documentary filmmaker hopes to expand her career, but rising tensions push production of her latest project beyond the brink.

  • First Kill

    First Kill (2008)
    Film (short) by Micah Ranum (Thriller) Actor Rayburn has family obligations: a young wife, a son...and the violent crime family that employs him. Devoted to both families, Rayburn is reluctant when he is sent on his first contract kill with his brutal mentor, James. Isolated in an unforgiving wilderness, the men find their identities jeopardized after the messy hit is photographed by a motion detection hunter's camera. Vulnerable, Rayburn anxiously waits near the camera with a simple objective: kill the owner and collect the incriminating evidence. But things take a surprising turn when Rayburn learns the owner of the camera is a completely different kind of killer. Written by anonymous

  • One Missed Call

    One Missed Call (2008)
    Film by Eric Valette (Horror and Mystery) Actor After the death of their friend Shelley, Leann Cole receives a voice mail from the future of the date and time when she would die. On the scheduled day, Leann sees weird things and in the precise informed hour, Leann is attacked by a supernatural force on a footbridge over a train station while talking to her friend Beth Raymond. Beth meets Leann's boyfriend Brian, who also received a call, and witnesses his death on the street. When her roommate Taylor Anthony receives a call, Beth befriends Det. Jack Andrews, who tells her that his sister was the first victim of the phone call. They decide to investigate the connections of Jack's sister and find the name of Marie Layton, who apparently abused of her daughters. Jack and Beth run against time trying to save Beth from her fate. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • House of Payne

    House of Payne (2007)
    Television by Tyler Perry (Comedy, Drama, Family and Romance) Actor A multi-generational family lives together under one roof.

  • The Gospel

    The Gospel (2005)
    Film by Rob Hardy (Drama and Music) Actor A young singer turns his back on God and his father's church when tragedy strikes. He returns years later to find the once powerful congregation in disarray. With his childhood friend creating a "new vision" for the church, he is forced to deal with family turmoil, career suicide, and relationship issues that send him on a collision course with redemption or destruction. Written by Anonymous

  • Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius

    Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius (2004)
    Film by Rowdy Herrington (Biography, Drama, Romance and Sport) Actor Robert Tyre Jones, Jr., aka "Bobby Jones" rises from complete obscurity to become a golfing legend. Jones overcomes his own fierce temper, intense passion, and perfectionist tendencies to master the game and win the Grand Slam, the U.S., British, and Amateur Opens in golf, a feat unequaled even today. But it is Jones's style, personality, and character that separate him from the other professionals in his field. When Jones realizes that his unparalleled success may be destroying those he loves he's presented with an astounding proposition, one that shocks the world. Written by IMDb Editors

  • The Clearing

    The Clearing (2004)
    Film by Pieter Jan Brugge (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Wayne and Eileen Hayes live the American Dream. Together they've raised two children and struggled to build a successful business from the ground up. But there have been sacrifices along the way. When Wayne is kidnapped by an ordinary man, Arnold Mack, and held for ransom in a remote forest, the couple's world is turned inside out. Eileen finds her home full of FBI agents, their life under scrutiny. While Wayne is engaged in the negotiation of his lifetime, Eileen works frantically with the FBI to secure his release. The terrifying ordeal causes Wayne and Eileen to reassess their marriage and come to a deeper sense of their commitment to each other. With each passing hour, the need and desire for Wayne to return home safely becomes ever more urgent. Written by

  • The Adventures of Ociee Nash

    The Adventures of Ociee Nash (2003)
    Film by Kristen McGary (Adventure, Drama and Family) Actor For the young, spirited nine-year-old Ociee Nash, nothing could be more exciting than romping through her beloved Mississippi countryside with her brother, Ben, and her faithful four-legged companion, "Woofer." But Ociee's idyllic life is thrown into a tailspin when her Papa realizes that since the death of Ociee's mother, and Ociee's run-in with a mysterious Gypsy, the rough and tumble world of their rural farm is not the place for Ociee to be growing up. Reluctantly, Papa decides it is time to send Ociee to Asheville, N.C., where her Aunt Mamie can teach her to become "a young lady." With a heavy heart, Ociee boards the train bound for her uncertain new life far from the home she's always known. Once on her way, it's not long before Ociee meets an array of interesting (and renowned) characters including the world's pioneering female investigative journalist Nellie Bly, Orville and Wilbur Wright, and even the President of the United States, William McKinley, for whom Ociee inspires a... Written by Sujit R. Varma

  • Pasty Faces

    Pasty Faces (2000)
    Film by David Paul Baker (Comedy) Actor Two unemployed actors flee the drudgery of Glasgow for the fame promised by Hollywood and Las Vegas.

  • The Strip

    The Strip (1999 - 2000)
    Television (Action) Actor Las Vegas PD Detectives Elvis Ford and Jesse Weir resigned from the force (actually, Elvis was kicked off) when their lieutenant wouldn't back them up on a bogus slot machine bust involving undercover FBI. They are approached by Caesar's Palace owner Cameron Greene, who hires them on as troubleshooters (with the accent on "shooter") to help protect his interests and his customers. Written by Jeff Cross <>

  • Nash Bridges

    Nash Bridges (2000)
    Television by Randy Gardner (Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 1 More) Actor Nash is a smart-alecky police inspector (Don Johnson) who's seen fighting crime on the streets of San Francisco, while driving around in his screaming yellow 70ish Plymouth Hemi Barracuda. He's the typical super-cop on the beat, who always wins in the end. Unfortunately, his personal relationships leave much to be desired. He has two ex-wives, a 16-year-old daughter needing a lot of supervision, and a father with Alzheimer's disease who keeps getting kicked out of retirement homes and dropping by to visit. Written by NASH-B Discussion List Moderators <>

  • Now and Then

    Now and Then (1995)
    Film by Lesli Linka Glatter (Comedy and Drama) Actor Roberta, Teeny, Samantha and Chrissy have been busy growing up, but they always remembered the promise they made to be there for each other. Now they're together again to relive the greatest summer of their lives. Written by Anonymous

  • Blue Sky

    Blue Sky (1994)
    Film by Tony Richardson (Drama and Romance) Actor It's the early 1960s. Nuclear engineer Hank Marshall is a major in the US Army, he who works on top secret nuclear testing projects. Trouble follows him from posting to posting largely because of his mentally unstable wife, Carly Marshall, who is bipolar. During her manic phases, her already overt sexuality, which she models after such sex symbols as Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot, is ratcheted up a notch, that partying behavior which is mixed with less frequent phases of physically destructive behavior. Regardless, Hank and Carly love each other, Hank who would admit to himself that he enjoys the fact that other men find Carly attractive, which is partly why he allows her to act the way she does in public. They, in turn, mutually love their now two teenaged daughters, Alex and Becky. Reassigned from their two year posting in Hawaii largely due to the ruckus Carly has caused there, they are next sent to Alabama, the base under the command of Vince Johnson, his wife, Vera Johnson, ... Written by Huggo

  • In the Heat of the Night

    In the Heat of the Night (1990 - 1993)
    Television by James Lee Barrett (Drama, Crime and Mystery) Actor Bill Gillespie is a police chief in a small town in the American South, and later becomes sheriff of the county. As Bill tries to solve crimes and catch criminals, aided by his capable investigator Virgil Tibbs and police lieutenant Bubba Skinner, he must navigate tricky small-town politics. Racial tensions often run high in the South and this theme is frequently explored. Bill's personal life is often portrayed in this TV drama, as well. Written by Tad Dibbern <>

  • I'll Fly Away

    I'll Fly Away (1992 - 1993)
    Television by John Falsey (Drama) Actor Forrest Bedford is a Southern lawyer in the late 1950s, generally content with his privileged life. But the winds of change are blowing, and he becomes increasingly involved with civil rights cases. Mean- while, Lilly Harper, who cares for his children, is on her own journey of political and personal awareness. Written by Cleo <>

  • Complex of Fear

    Complex of Fear (1993)
    TV Movie by Brian Grant (Mystery, Crime, Thriller and Drama) Actor Condominium residents are terrified when they learn that two of their neighbors have been brutally raped and that the culprit may be living in their midst. A police manhunt ensues. One officer, who actually lives in the complex, is particularly troubled, for not only do the incidents cause his wife to admit that she was a victim of date rape, he is also the one who had a chance to kill the rapist and didn't. Written by Dylan Conner

  • The Secret Passion of Robert Clayton

    The Secret Passion of Robert Clayton (1992)
    TV Movie by E.W. Swackhamer (Drama) Actor

  • Grass Roots

    Grass Roots (1992)
    TV Movie by Jerry London (Drama) Actor

  • In the Line of Duty: Manhunt in the Dakotas

    In the Line of Duty: Manhunt in the Dakotas (1991)
    TV Movie by Dick Lowry (Crime, Drama, Thriller and Action) Actor Gordon Kahl is man who feels that the U.S. government doesn't care about the American farmer, so he retaliates by not paying taxes. He would be sent to prison and upon being released, his views have not changed. He encourages anyone who is having trouble not to pay taxes. He also joins a paramilitary and a white supremacy group. When the FBI, learns of this they try to arrest Kohl but Kohl armed, doesn't want to go, and when the Feds don't let him go, he kills most of them. He then goes on the run and it's up to the FBI agent to headed the operation to find Kohl, and anyone else who may have been involved. Written by <>

  • No Holds Barred

    No Holds Barred (1989)
    Film by Thomas J. Wright (Action) Actor Rip is the World Wrestling Federation champion who is faithful to his fans and the network he wrestles for. Brell, the new head of the World Television Network, wants Rip to wrestle for his network. Rip refuses and goes back to his normal life. Still looking for a way to raise ratings, Brell initiates a show called "The Battle of the Tough Guys", a violent brawling competition. A mysterious man, Zeus, wins the competition. This gets Brell to use him as an angle to get at Rip. Written by Pat McCurry <>

  • Kids Like These

    Kids Like These (1987)
    TV Movie by Georg Stanford Brown (Drama) Actor Bob and Joanna, both over 40 years old, have a baby with the Down syndrome. Their doctor advises them to give the child away, not to "waste their time" with a kid with a mental deficiency. But the parents decide to keep their son, to allow him a life with dignity and to support him as best as possible. And their devotion bears fruit... Written by Tom Zoerner <>

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