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About Hector

I have written and published over 12 novels and have written five screenplays. I am present awaiting news on three film scripts an one TV pilot.


  • The Heart of The Impaler

    The Heart of The Impaler (2015 - 2016)
    Film by Gerard Mendez (Horror) Writer A young politician from New York city recounts the story of his sister Sarah and a seductive mistress responsible for his blood cravings. Only, it happened over 200 years ago.

  • The HarlequinX

    The HarlequinX
    Print by Forrest Thinner Author In a close knit Brooklyn community, young girls are dying in horrible and grotesque ways. There is no earthly explanation as to what is happening. An ancient evil known only as The HarlequinX may be responsible. Ten year old, Hannah Shemlov once crossed paths with the creature and may hold the secret hanging on a necklace that she wears. The closer we come to the truth; we find that other Biblical forces are in play. Who or what is The HarlequinX? And how does Hannah fit in this modern day supernatural tale of horror and suspense?

  • Psychosis Y Dementia - A Love Story

    Psychosis Y Dementia - A Love Story
    Print by Hector Valle Author "Psychosis Y Dementia - A Love Story" is a horror novel written by Hector Valle. The story is set in Central-America, circa 1950, about a woman who is brutally murdered by a street gang. Enter Psychosis, a 400 year old demon of retribution, who has been unknowingly summoned from the grave, not only to avenge her murder, but also to protect her daughter Didi from this vicious gang of cutthroats. The body count rises as the gang continues their murderous crime wave in an attempt to kill every woman in town, unaware that Psychosis has other plans for them. The story continues until Psychosis and Dementia join forces to mete out bloody justice against anyone who takes an innocent life. This story puts a whole new twist into the horror genre.

  • The Rapture Chronicles

    The Rapture Chronicles
    Print by Hec Author The following story written by 'The Phantom Deacon' is a work of fiction inspired by The Book of Revelation. The story itself is not biblically accurate, but it is intended so that you may read the scripture for yourself, so that you may receive your own understanding and walk a little closer with God. I suggest that when you read this manuscript; you have a Bible handy. This is not a novel written for Christians or for anyone that takes their walk with God seriously. The novel is written for the world. It is written in plain and stark language. It will discuss and touch upon subject matter that most will find to be offensive and politically incorrect. The world is a harsh place now. It is NOT going to get better when the 144,000 are taken up and we’re left to our own devices. It is this vision of the world that I wished to portray here without any sugar coating. Don’t be fooled, it is a vision of the future that is very possible given today’s circumstances. It can happen, whether you like it or not!

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