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Jenee Naples Massey

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About Jenee

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a small-business owner and the succession plan for my family business. I studied film production as a freshman in college and was 'bit by the bug'. That was right before the recession of 2008 and with that recession came the need for me to put school on hold and go back to work for my family's company.

Eight years later, I am an industry veteran in the family business. I am aware of the rare opportunity I have had to sit at the decision making table of the family business for my entire life thus far. The knowledge and experience I have acquired in business will be invaluable to me for the rest of my life.

I have the opportunity to become the next president and CEO of the family business in the Foodservice industry in the next two years if I want it and here I am writing a profile on a networking platform for the film industry with no degree, no technical skills and no portfolio.

Collaboration on any level is what makes me ignite with passion and excitement. I have always felt like film is at the epicenter of the collaborative world and I just want to be a part of it in any way I can.

My sister is about to get her undergrad in Film Production at the University of Greenwich in London, ironically. It has been incredible to watch her pursue her dreams and I am so proud of her. It has also been a constant reminder of how complacent I have become with my own dreams.

After researching film schools and racking my brain for hours about how to take my journey 'off hold' while being a business owner (I opened my own location of the brand my family created just digging my hole deeper with a smile!), running a division of the family business, being a wife to an incredibly supportive husband, and being a mother of two wonderful children, Hanalyn 4 and Donovan 1, I found Stage32. (Sorry for the run-on sentence but my profile doesn't say 'writer' so there's that!)

I guess my thought is joining a network of people I respect brings me at least one step in the direction I have been looking my entire life while try to figure out what the following step will be.

Now this feels like a journal writing and sorry to those who somehow clicked on my profile and chose to read this far. With that said, if you got this far in and you are looking for someone who is fiercely loyal, has mastered time management and will treat a project like you do, like your life depends on it and who also has real street experience in business, negotiating, deal-making, vendor relationships, employee-employer relationships, project-management, budgeting, bill paying, and you get the point. (run-on, again!) Well, I say you're welcome! Why? Because you just found the best damn coffee ordering , phone answering, errand running, budget managing, whatever-the-heck-it-is-I'll-do-it girl in the business!

I will volunteer my time,obviously! Lord knows by now I should be able to make a good living wage in the industry I have been in and since I have no experience in this one? Ill almost pay you to get it! (Almost)

You may be asking what time do I even have to do anything? After a colorful personal journal of reflection, I have decided to take a hiatus from the family business and let the chips fall where they may on that front. While I still own a business, my husband is as involved as I need him to be and owning my own business gives me flexibility which I will say I have worked very hard for.

The best part? I'm only 26 going 56 so what does that mean for you? I am a wise individual in my respective strengths and even wiser in knowing what I actually don't know but I still have boundless energy ripe for the spending!

If this post gets me nothing beyond the unbelievable feeling of relief and freedom from the burden of family obligation I keep feeling the need to carry, I say thank you to Stage 32 for this moment, though I hope it gets me to a place where I hear the word 'action' in real-time and I am somehow a part of that action!

Thank you, Sincerely, For Your Consideration on any level!

Unique traits: Loyal Skilled multi-tasker Ability to see where I can be most needed without being asked I recognize and play well on others strengths by adapting my contributions to balance and compliment the whole


  • university of colorado at denver

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