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About Jonnie


I am a storyteller with a deep understanding of the creative process. Being on film sets since the age of six thanks to my mother being an art director, I soon became immersed in creative practice, working my way from in front of camera to behind it in various camera department roles until my passion for directing became clear
In 2010 and 2011 I collaborated with Nicholas Casey to put on a string of performances Electricity from Lemons, a theatre performance staged at Tinning Street Gallery, which explored the electrically charged spaces between complete strangers. The initial performance season was so successful that it ran twice more for extended seasons. I directed the first two seasons, and produced the last.
In 2013 I drectes my first feature Skin Deep. It has gone on to screen at over a dozen local and international film festivals and won an honorable mention at the 2014 Austin film festival for best narrative feature.
It's currently in theatrical release in Australia(2016)
I've directed theater and short films in the preceding years and am at the moment developing a slate with my new production company Jam Pictures with Skin Deep writer Monica Zinetti and new producer Akos Armont

Unique traits: Story story and story.



  • On Hold for Taylor

    On Hold for Taylor (2016)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Director Add a Plot »

  • Australia: The Story of Us

    Australia: The Story of Us (2015)
    Television (Documentary and History) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Skin Deep

    Skin Deep (2014)
    Film (Drama) Director Skin Deep is a heart warming urban adventure following Leah, straight-laced and scared after being diagnosed with terminal melanoma, as she becomes lost and befriended by an unpredictable Newtown local, Caitlin. Their unlikely new friendship leads them on a tumultuous journey where both are pushed beyond their comfort zones and finally decide to choose life... while they still can.

  • Continental Drift

    Continental Drift (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama and Romance) Camera and Electrical Department Croatia, 1999. Adele, a young Australian woman travels by the sea, staying in an abandoned building, amid echoes of war. She meets Antonija, whose life has been fractured by the conflicts that tore apart the former-Yugoslavia, and together they discover the uncanny intimacy that can develop between strangers. This delicate atmospheric drama reveals the private idiosyncrasies of traveling alone, and the bittersweet poignancy of ephemeral romance. Written by Anonymous

  • Albert Nobbs

    Albert Nobbs (2011)
    Film (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department In 19th century Dublin, Albert Nobbs, an eccentric man in the latter part of middle age, works as a waiter in Morrison's Hotel run by the stingy and controlling Marge Baker. Albert is hard working and saves his money so that one day he will be able to eke out a better life for himself by owning his own business rather than work at the hotel. Beyond his work colleagues, he is all alone in the world. One day, a man named Hubert Page is hired by Mrs. Baker to paint one of the rooms in the hotel. She forces Hubert to share Albert's bed for the one night he is required to stay to complete the work, much to Albert's horror. Hubert discovers the reason Albert did not want to share a room with him. But rather than the issue being a problem, Hubert shows Albert that he can follow a slightly different life path than the one he envisioned for himself - one closer to the life that Hubert leads with his wife Cathleen - which includes getting married and having a wife to support him emotionally. ... Written by Huggo

  • Deeper Than Yesterday

    Deeper Than Yesterday (2010)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew After three months submerged underwater, the men have become savages. Oleg fears that losing perspective may mean losing himself.

  • Missing Water

    Missing Water (2009)
    Film (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Young Love

    Young Love (2009)
    Film (Short and Drama) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Young Erno struggles to jog. He clutches his stomach with his right hand and winces with pain as he hobbles through a deserted farmland. His white socks are gathering mud with each step. It is clear that even though Erno is in torturous pain, it is not safe for him to stop. Written by Anonymous

  • Why I Bought a Bike

    Why I Bought a Bike (2008)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Sound department Your friends talk about it, your parents think you are too young for it, and you feel like you are more likely to have a stroke before it happens to you. Sex education teaches the road map of female anatomy, but not the vegetation. A first-time sexual encounter is burdened with anxious pressures of expectation and the unknown. She: slightly more experienced. The sweat building on his palms are the least of his worries. Young and alone, they are in her back shed. For Thomas, this moment is like a band-aid that won't hurt as much if pulled off quickly. Written by Brianne Nord-Stewart

  • Real Thing

    Real Thing (2007)
    Film (Short) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Submission

    Submission (2007)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor When solitude consumes a person whole, they cannot be held responsible for their actions; it is purely a matter of submission.

  • Candy

    Candy (2006)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Camera and Electrical Department This story is a narration from an Australian man who falls in love with two kinds of Candy: a woman of the same name and heroin. The narrator changes from a smart-aleck to someone trying to find a vein to inject, while Candy changes from an actress, call girl, streetwalker, and then a madwoman. Starting in Sydney, the two eventually end up in Melbourne to go clean, but they fail. This leads them to turn to finding money and heroin, while other posessions and attachments become unimportant. Written by Godiva4862

  • Mary Bryant

    Mary Bryant (2005)
    Television (Adventure and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Will Bryant and Mary are among the petty common criminals who are condemned by British justice to deportation to the new Botany Bay penal colony in Australia. The long sailing voyage is eventful, with them falling in love but her also seducing the noble, naive lieutenant Ralph Clarke. In the colony, life is terribly harsh. Ultimately, the pair and some other convicts organize a successful escape by boat. Barely alive, they reach Dutch Timor, and hope to be in the clear. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Fireflies

    Fireflies (2004)
    Television (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Fireflies centres on events and relationships in a small town facing the hottest driest summer in decades.

  • The Night We Called It a Day

    The Night We Called It a Day (2003)
    Film (Biography, Comedy, Drama and Music) Camera and Electrical Department Based on the true events surrounding Frank Sinatra's tour of Australia. When Sinatra calls a local reporter a "two-bit hooker", every union in the country black-bans the star until he issues an apology.

  • Changi

    Changi (2001)
    Television (Drama, Music, Romance and War) Camera and Electrical Department Changi follows the story of six young Australian mates who go to war. They land in Singapore in 1942, just in time for the surrender. They are marched off to Changi prison camp along with 15,000 others. Together, the six boys struggle to survive three and a half years of incarceration. Written by Aubrey Leong

  • Home Straight

    Home Straight (2001)
    Film (Short) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »


  • Austin film festival - honorable mention best narrative feature

  • VCA Village Roadshow beat graduating production


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