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Joseph Kitone

Joseph Kitone

Author and Screenwriter

Kampala, Uganda

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May 2019
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4 days ago
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About Joseph

I'm Joseph Kitone, and I'm an author specialized in Creative Writing. I have written 12 short-scripts, and I'm currently planning to put one of my short-scripts into production. I bought a domain name called SPESHFILMS.COM and I'm currently selling it on Sedo Domain Marketplace at $590, and this money will go to the production of my short-script, 'THE CHAPLAIN.' Besides that, I need a helping hand to support me in bringing my career to life. Contact me on:

Unique traits: Vivid Imagination




    JOHN OCTOPUS Budget: $0 - $100K | Sports Drama Ex-Special Forces Operator becomes a father to a sports oracle boy who is on the hunt by a wicked sports bookie.


    X-ASTRONOMERS Budget: $0 - $100K | Mystery Drama Alien citizens on the hidden planet "Thyone" discover the incredibility their planet's atmosphere accords to earth humans. They set out to kill all astronomers on earth, before they discover their planet.


    THE CHAPLAIN Budget: $0 - $100K | Drama Fantasy Known for destroying Idols, Lule a church chaplain is sent on a deadly mission of rescuing a princess from the temple of a fearsome idol and dreaded witches. He must battle the deadites, witches, and destroy the idol to get the Princess.


    THE WINDOWS Budget: $0 - $100K | Thriller Drama In a computer world where windows operating staff suffers massive virus attacks. Professor Gates must employ windows defender to shield windows enclave.


    THE TRANSFER Budget: $0 - $100K | Sci-fi Drama In a future world where memories of the dying professionals are transferred to infants to preserve them for future use. The richest infant is kidnapped to reveal his financial confidential. The infant must kill all kidnappers to again his wealth.


    THE SLEEPING TRAVELER Budget: $0 - $100K | Drama At his wake up after a decade asleep, Connor falls  in love, marries and bear a son. It's time to fall asleep again. He must fight against falling asleep or else he will leave his son in the past.


    ODD LIFE OF EMILY Budget: $0 - $100K | Drama Fantasy A million times dying, conceived, and given birth elsewhere, Emily comes across her past life parents thus gaining her past life memories. She must walk into two personalities or else his father will be killed for kidnapping her.


    THE CLOCK TRAVELER Budget: $0 - $100K | Thriller Drama A classy hypnotic clock that travels people back to an ancient period within trance. A man of the real world becomes friend with a convicted young girl of the trance world. He must make her escape out of the dungeon before the classy clock bell wakes him up from trance.


    THE PLAGIARY Budget: $0 - $100K | Horror Crime A plagiarist, an astral traveler, and a hypnotist astral-project to hell to steal an idea of a cure from a dead CDC chemist. These tricksters must break the fastidious attitude of the chemist. Their only portal back to earth is to get the idea.


    THE REFORMER Budget: $0 - $100K | Crime Drama A board director of a corporate corrupted corporation gets a revelation in the scripture about bribery. With a strong passion, he steps up and introduces an anti-bribery and corruption policy. He faces persecution and later thrown out of the corporation, but his policy becomes the major corporation's law.


    IN MARRIAGE AGAIN Budget: $0 - $100K | Crime Drama A rich single mother gets married to a young man whose best route to the top is to marry rich women.


    THE PERSISTENT WIDOW Budget: $0 - $100K | Drama Family A high court judge who lucks compassion is repeatedly approached by a poor widow  who seeks justice. Initially rejecting her demands, he eventually honors her request so he will not be worn out by her persistence.


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