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Kevin Doy Burton

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Waukesha, Wisconsin

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About Kevin

As a Psychiatric Technician, Kevin helped the mentally ill.He had never thought about writing until he met the patients. He decided to talk to people on the streets and around the world by way of the internet. They told him about their experiences with strange phenomenons. The stories that were told to him encouraged him to write fiction. Kevin had an hour long interview on the television show called MEET THE AUTHORS. He was also a guest on The Mother-Ship Connection.A science fiction radio show.

Kevin is based in Waukesha Wisconsin. He has been working in the healthcare profession since the 1980's.He also had written six screenplays.
Email address: kevindoyburton4@

I am an African American writer who has an African American hero that is featured in my screenplay. I wrote this feature screenplay and featured it on Script Revolution's website for anyone who is in the movie industry. I want to option it off.Just in case for those who don't know what I mean.I am in the position to sale it. My screenplay is based on my novel. You can buy my novel on Amazon.
Log-line: Mankind faces extension by a new alien race they have encountered.
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Unique traits: Psychiatric Technician,writing screenplays,short stories and novels


  • Transhuman

    Transhuman Sci-fi A transhuman female from the year 2530 is sent back in time to the year 2015 to save mankind from extinction due to an alien invasion.

  • The Astronaut's Nightmare

    The Astronaut's Nightmare Sci-fi An astronaut is placed inside of rocket ships hypo-sleep chamber on his way to Mars alone while the computer takes over.

  • Transhuman

    Transhuman Sci-fi A transhuman female from the year 2530 is sent back in time to the year 2015 to save mankind from extinction due to an alien invasion but mankind fears she is the alien.

  • Emanon

    Emanon Fantasy Sci-fi An African American teenager finds an extraterrestrial device and has a life-changing experience.

  • Vortex

    Vortex Fantasy Sci-fi Five friends on a yacht takes a cruise out onto the open sea and encounter a strange phenomenon.

  • A Town Called Welcome

    A Town Called Welcome Horror A motorcycle club called The Rockets is about to enter a town called Welcome where the residents of the town are all so friendly during the day time.


  • Unknown Terror

    Unknown Terror (2007 - 2018)
    Books I by Take It To The Limit Production Kindle Edition/Paperback The last remaining humans are fighting an uphill battle on a destroyed planet Earth, due to an alien invasion.Mankind faces an enemy they had never known existed. In order to survive, they had to use their most destructive weapon. The nuclear bomb. Other countries did the same. That was a big mistake, and now there's no turning back. The race is on. Will mankind continue to be the dominant species on this planet or will there be a new one?

  • Destination Earth

    Destination Earth (2017)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Horror and Sci-Fi) Novel Alien species accepts NASA's welcome probe that was sent into deep space sixty years ago.The people of earth were not ready for their arrival. Now that they are here adjustments had to be made.

  • Transhuman

    Transhuman (2016)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Novel A transhuman female from the year 2530 is sent back in time to the year 2015 to save mankind from extinction due to an alien invasion but mankind fears she is the alien. Zola,the female protagonist of this story is sent back 500 years to the year 2015.Mankind is on the verge of extinction due to an alien invasion.Only 10,000 humans are left on the planet earth.The invasion starts with a spaceship landing in a small town.Her prime objective is to intercept the ship and destroy the aliens.She appears in the right year but on the wrong side of the country,New York. Now she have to convince mankind of what is about to happen to them in the future but the military and police thinks that she is the alien and must be destroyed. Creative Notes: This genetically altered sexy woman from the future is not a terminator but is a newly improved human sent back into a time where there's government cover-ups regarding aliens and spaceships.

  • Brainwashed

    Brainwashed (2016)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Novel Tony Alonso was sentenced to prison and placed on deathrow for killing a police officer in an accident during a peaceful protest.Days before he was supposed to die he was confronted by the warden and offered a chance to live if he participate in a government experiment.He excepted, and what happened next was not what the government ,the military and the scientist expected.Tony Alonso had to be given a new identification by the president in the interest of national security.


    THE POWER (2016)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Horror and Sci-Fi) Novel Barry Attima is falsely accused of murder. In his dreams, people are dying horrific deaths. Circumstantial evidence are leading towards Barry. The sheriff had to call in the National Guards. The enemy is invisible and powerful. Patty a paleontologist says whatever it is it’s not of this earth. How does Barry fit in?

  • Frankenstein's Offspring

    Frankenstein's Offspring (2014)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action and Horror) Kindle Edition The monster created by Victor Frankenstein had mated with Victor's wife who was brought back to life by Victor himself after the monster had killed her.She then kills Victor because she was no more the same person but something else. She left with the monster and later had its baby who grew up as an immortal.The offspring had no place in human society because there was a dark side to him.He have his parent's strength and he couldn't die.He's constantly searching for something he saw as a kid and nothing will stop him until he finds it,no matter who he mutilates along the way.


    THE EYE (2014)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Kindle Edition Brad Landers wanted to know the truth about all of the phenomena’s occurring around the world. He wanted to see it all.He was even willing to sale his soul to see and know it all.He didn’t know that by seeing and knowing it all was a curse or a blessing?

  • Time And Time Again

    Time And Time Again (2014)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Kindle Edition A teenager has an accident that lands her in a coma. She lives a false life. Her name is Mary Landers. She has a husband, a job,a house and a car.The perfect life except.....

  • They Came From Beyond Our Galaxy

    They Came From Beyond Our Galaxy (2014)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Kindle Edition This science fiction story takes place in New York. Planes started disappearing from the air and so did the ships at sea. Airports were shut down and so were the sailing ports.The President orders all people not to travel by air or sea. A signal was discovered coming from beneath the ocean, towards space and back. Suddenly the people who were on the planes and ships that had disappeared started showing up and murdering other people. June Robinson who had just made detective left the police station for home to tell her family. While driving in the rain she has and accident,was thrown out of the car and up against a tree. While unconscious she was struck by lightning. She was in a coma for three months. When she came out of it she notices that some of the people in New York had changed. She can see it but no one else can. She also notices that the lightning had done something to her mentally and she is somewhat different than others. What can she see and what did the lightning do to her?


    THE GATEWAY (2014)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Kindle Edition A welcome message was sent out into space from earth but was excepted by a species from one of Jupiter's moons called Europa but the citizens of earth was not prepared for their arrival.

  • The Other Side Of The Sun

    The Other Side Of The Sun (2014)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Kindle Edition An employee of S.E.T.I. discovers an earth like planet on the opposite side of the sun.It is the same distance from the sun as earth.It's traveling on the same orbital path around the sun as earth and their is proof that life exist but are they hostile? A spaceship with a crew of astronauts and a group of military soldiers are sent towards the planet but the captain of the spaceship and the captain of the military does not see eye to eye regarding the species of the newly discovered planet. The military captain wants to bring guns to show power and the ships captain only want to communicate with the species to maintain good relations between their two worlds. Will the two captains overcome their differences? Because between the two of them once they land on the planet they are the aliens.

  • The Town That Disappeared

    The Town That Disappeared (2014)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Kindle Edition The Town Of Ashley Kansas has vanished overnight.A series of events had led up to the disappearance. What happened to it? Why is there a hole in it's place?

  • Out There

    Out There (2013)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Horror and Sci-Fi) Kindle Edition What if you were working for NASA and while you were on vacation mountain climbing you see a strange glowing object descend right in front of you? What if you took videos of the object and reported it back to your supervisor, back at NASA? What if your supervisor tells you to forget what you had seen? What if you saw the spaceship open up and aliens walked out into the mountain? This is what the astronaut saw. His name is Travis Decard. He climbs down and enters an open spaceship that automatically closes behind him and whisk him to the dark side of the moon. He had just enough altitude to make two phone calls: one to NASA and one to his wife. His wife had been informed that he had died in a mountain climbing accident. Why are there so many secrets NASA is hiding from the world?

  • Strange Tales of the Unknown

    Strange Tales of the Unknown (2012)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Novel Each story consists of unique characters that have undergone strange experiences. Have gone to strange places, or their metabolism have been altered. Some have traveled through space. Have visited strange towns, or had developed strange abilities. In any case their story would be interesting to read. It will have you craving for more Strange Tales Of The Unknown.

  • Damned Forever

    Damned Forever (2010)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Novel Woman is raped by an alien.She becomes immortal and has a child.

  • Dominant Species

    Dominant Species (2010)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Horror and Sci-Fi) Novel Captain Beck is an astronaut who has a unique problem. Why? Because the hero has just witnessed, while completing his 160th orbit around the planet Earth, ten spaceships entering into the Earth's atmosphere, and into the Earth's oceans. Captain Beck have to alert NASA about what he had seen, but with his career on the line, and with him holding out, he notices strange phenomenons occurring around the world, and the strange ways people are dying. People dying without putting up a fight, and their heads are the only thing that was left. Their bodies have been devoured. The sea creatures of the oceans have all been eaten, and their heads were all floating on top of the water. The sea was a graveyard, with the smell of death that hit the shores. The president of the New World Council have given instructions for the presidents around the world to drop hundreds of nuclear bombs underwater together, to kill off the aliens, who call themselves Argolians, but that was mankind's biggest mistake. The oceans began to boil. The polar caps started to melt. Giant tsunamis were forming around the world. The water started rising. Buildings were being swallowed up. Land mass were dwindling. The aliens came above the water to feed on mankind. Will mankind continue being the dominant species, or will there be a new dominant species on the planet Earth?

  • The Rip

    The Rip (2009)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Adventure, Horror and Sci-Fi) Novel John Talbert is a psychiatric technician who works in the mental health field. He encounters a new patient who was brought in by the police department. The patient claims to be an extraterrestrial with a message to give to the people of Earth. His name is Kal. Kal had to have proof of John’s trust, by giving him a few clues that proved who he is. John follows up on the clues, and finds out that Kal is telling the truth. The clues leads up to some hidden items, and a spaceship that is hidden on an abandoned farm. John also finds out that the message Kal brings is about a phenomenon that had occurred out in space called a rip, which is a hole in space itself. The hole opens up a parallel universe, and its trajectory path is towards Earth. Can John, and Kal stop the destruction, or is Earth heading for a disaster?

  • The Journey of Emanon

    The Journey of Emanon (2009)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Novel Upon Emanon’s galactic adventures, he realizes that by saving the lives of other species throughout the galaxy, he suddenly remembers that he had left Earth defenseless against future alien attacks. He is introduced to a female alien named Nova, who is also a Zartolian soldier assigned to assist him. He brings back his trusted robot, Thor. They enter into a black hole in space. It thrusts them into Earth’s future, then into Earth’s past. Emanon sees the horrible results. He goes back through the black hole several times, and each time he is on a different timeline when he approaches Earth. Earth had changed due to his mistake. Does mankind still exist? Has Earth been taken over by aliens? Will the planet be destroyed? What did Emanon, Nova, and Thor see in these different timelines? What did they see?

  • Emanon

    Emanon (2008)
    by Kevin Doy Burton (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Novel It is the year 2018, and a boy named Ramone is simply trying to get through his teenage years. His passion for stargazing mystifies his grandmother, who has taken care of him since his parents were killed. When Ramone refused to deliver an answer to a gang about joining them, they went to his house and killed his parents. They find him and tell him this, and he hides in the woods where he finds what looks like a necklace or collar of some sort. He puts it on and finds he is impervious to harm. At first unsure of what to do with his powers, he makes a few mistakes. Little by little, however, he learns how to behave responsibly. His intelligence increases and he sees how to fix all of the problems on his planet. His name is now Emanon, and he wields the power that could either restore or destroy the earth.


  • Medical Career Institute

  • Chicago Vocational High School

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