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  • Hard Way Heroes

    Hard Way Heroes (2016)
    Film (Action) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Cierno

    Cierno (2014)
    Film (short) by David Cocheret (Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor After being shot, a presidential campaign manager is forced to choose between her daughter and her deceased husband in order to reach her final destination.

  • What's Eating Pee Pee Wong?

    What's Eating Pee Pee Wong? (2012)
    Film (short) (Action, Comedy and Western) Actor 15 years after tragedy sends him into depression, Pee Pee Wong (Andreas Beckett), the world's ex-top gunslinger is abruptly met with his past. Will he be able to conquer his fears and protect 'The Last House of Super Sexy, Barely Clothed, Drug Guzzling Nymphomaniacs' from his savage arc nemesis Wong Wong Pee (Johnny Christos) and his gang of horny ruffians? 'What's Eating Pee Pee Wong?' takes you into the wild west like never before in writer/director Phree Swearingen's latest philm. Written by Anonymous

  • Dead Season

    Dead Season (2012)
    Film (Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor When a worldwide viral outbreak leads to a plague of zombies scouring the earth for the living, two survivors flee the chaos of America to a remote island, hoping for a chance to start a new life. What they find is unrelenting horror. Beyond the hordes of the flesh-hungry undead, the other people already on the island force the pair into a fight-or-die battle amongst themselves. Armed only with crude weapons, they must descend to savagery and cutthroat tactics just to make it through each day. Written by Unknown

  • Borderline Coyotes

    Borderline Coyotes (2012)
    Television (Action and Crime) Actor, Stunts Three brothers work as Coyotes for the biggest Mob Boss in Los Angeles. This pack of Coyotes specializes in human smuggling. They bring people across the United States border from Mexico for a high price. But they are not the only Coyotes working for the Mob Boss, when rival crews get involved this brotherly love is faced with betrayal,revenge and greed Written by Victor Kelso

  • Smiley

    Smiley (2012)
    Film by Michael J. Gallagher (Horror) Actor Ashley goes to her new college while getting over the death of her mother. She meets some new people there including Binder ('Shane Dawson') while at a party and she learns about an urban legend of an online killer that has the nickname "Smiley" who can only be seen on the web and he apparently kills people after they type in "I did it for the lulz" three times. Soon after going to the party Ashley and her flatmate Proxy go online to test it out, with horrific results. She becomes paranoid and she starts to think she sees Smiley all over the place and feels that he may be chasing her, but how can that be if he is not real? Have they somehow released him from the internet? Written by Michael Hallows Eve

  • Got Home Alive

    Got Home Alive (2011)
    Television (Documentary, Biography and Drama) Actor, Stunts Add a Plot »

  • Black and Jewish (Black and Yellow Parody)

    Black and Jewish (Black and Yellow Parody) (2011)
    Film (short) by Rachel Goldenberg (Comedy) Actor

  • Vatos Locos

    Vatos Locos (2011)
    Video (Crime and Thriller) Actor Chicano brothers on the streets of LA.

  • Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star

    Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Living in small town Iowa, Bucky Larson is a simple minded, uneducated, beaver toothed young man still living with his protective parents, Jeremiah and Debbie Larson. Initially saddened when he is fired from his job as a bagger at a supermarket, he eventually sees it as a sign that he is destined for greatness in some other field. Based on some information he learns, Bucky believes that destiny is to become a porn star, despite he being a virgin and only having recently learned what masturbation is. With his parents' blessing, Bucky hops on a bus to Los Angeles to make it big there as a porn star. He is taken under the wings of a few people in LA. On the professional side, he meets the reigning king of porn, Dick Shadow, who only sees in Bucky a laughing stock. But washed up porn director Miles Deep stumbles across what he sees as an untapped niche market for Bucky's limited talents. Miles has the challenge of trying to convince investors who only see in Bucky the antithesis of porn. ... Written by Huggo

  • Killer Priest

    Killer Priest (2011)
    Video by Mario Amadeu (Drama) Actor A mystery man hires Joseph, a hit man (Blood In, Blood Out star Damian Chapa), to assassinate a man in Italy. Joseph takes the job, only to find out during the hit that his victim will be a priest.

  • Excused

    Excused (2011)
    Television (Reality-TV) Actor A dating show.

  • Operation Repo

    Operation Repo (2010)
    Television (Reality-TV) Actor A repo company repossesses cars and trucks.

  • Get Him to the Greek

    Get Him to the Greek (2010)
    Film by Nicholas Stoller (Comedy and Music) Actor English rock star Aldous Snow relapses into drugs and booze after a break up and a disastrous record. In L.A., Aaron Green works for a record company stuck in recession. Aaron's boss gives him a career making task - to bring Aldous from London to L.A. for a concert in 72 hours. That day, Aaron's girlfriend Daphne tells him she wants to finish her medical residency in Seattle. Aaron's sure this ends their relationship. In London, things aren't much better: Aldous delays their departure several times, plies Aaron with vices, and alternates between bad behavior and trenchant observations. Can Aaron moderate Aldous's substance abuse and get him to the Greek? What about Daphne? Written by <>

  • Deadliest Warrior

    Deadliest Warrior (2010)
    Television (Action, Game-Show and History) Actor, Stunts Throughout history, there have been great warriors who have made their mark in battle, but how they could have matched up against each other is a mystery. This series endeavors to solve that mystery with various matchups of such warrior classes. With a systematic examination of their physical and cultural qualities, training and weapons, a field of experts strive to find the real facts of such warriors. When the research is compete, each episode ends with a simulated battle to see who is truly the deadliest warrior. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (

  • Vampiro

    Vampiro (2009)
    Film (Horror) Actor Half-human and half-vampire Casanova Vladimires, played by Damian Chapa, protects humans and fights vampires in East LA.

  • NCIS

    NCIS (2009)
    Television (Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama and 2 More) Actor Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the leader of a team of special agents belonging to the NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) Major Case Response Team. Gibbs, a former Marine, is a tough investigator and a highly skilled interrogator who relies on his gut instinct as much as evidence. Gibbs' second in command is Senior Field Agent Tony DiNozzo, a womanizing, movie-quoting former Baltimore Homicide Detective, who despite being the class clown always gets the job done. The team also consists of probationary field agent Eleanor Bisbop, a former NSA agent, as well as Junior Field Agent Timothy McGee, a computer-savvy agent often mocked by DiNozzo. Assisting them are Abby Sciuto, the energetic-but-Goth lab tech who is like a daughter to Gibbs, and Dr. Donald Mallard, nicknamed Ducky, the eccentric medical examiner full of unusual stories. This team of elite agents, based in Washington, D.C., solve criminal cases involving Marine and Navy personnel and their families, sometimes ... Written by NCIS Lover

  • Bobby Fischer Live

    Bobby Fischer Live (2009)
    Film by Damian Chapa (Biography) Actor A bio about the life of Bobby Fischer.

  • Maneater

    Maneater (2009)
    Television (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor An enterprising young woman navigates the professional waters of Beverly Hills in order to land the hottest producer in town, fully unaware that she is about to get in way over her head.

  • CSI: Miami

    CSI: Miami (2009)
    Television by Anthony E. Zuiker (Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 1 More) Actor Horatio Caine, a former homicide detective, heads a group of investigators who work crimes amid the steamy, tropical surroundings and cultural crossroads of Miami. His team includes Calleigh Duquesne, a bilingual Southern beauty with a specialty in ballistics; Tim Speedle, a cocky yet disarming investigator who is well connected on the street, and Eric Delko, an underwater recovery expert who knows all the twists and turns of the Florida waterways. Rounding out the team is Alexx Woods, the no-nonsense, know-it-all coroner. And, after Speedle is killed in Action, Former Patrolman Ryan Wolfe joins the team. Together, these investigators collect and analyze the evidence to solve the crimes and to vindicate those who often cannot speak for themselves -- the victims. Written by Anonymous

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