Billy George Williams

Billy George Williams

BGW Film Studio: Campbell River, BC; Los Angeles, California

Director, editor and filmmaker in Campbell River, Canada

About Billy

I was born with club feet, deaf in both ears, and border line retardation. The place I was born is thé most beautiful place on earth, a place called Esperanza, BC. My dad was in thé hospital at thé same time I was born, I only had 2 1/2 months with him before he passed away of TB in December, 1960. My mom only had me for 3 or 4 years before social service took me out, and I was taken to residential school, only to be rejected by them as did others all through my life. I was then made ward of the courts who placed me in the hands of the ministry of social service. Then I was fostered out to a few homes before I went to the Williams home.

I remember that I couldn't hear, when my social worker dropped me off, she gave me a teddy bear that I still have, his name is Boo Boo. When social service wants to hide your identity, they will put you under the foster parent's name, which explains how I became Billy George Williams.
The Williams were always yelling at or about something, because all I remember her is throwing her arms around and her lips moving fast. As I got older my foster mother gave me a short time to answer before she would slap me across the face. I could only take so much yelling and hitting from my foster mother. When I was 13 years old my foster mother asked me a question, and I didn't answer she went to slap me. I stopped her from slapping me, and I said: "don't hit me any more". She sent me to my room, and said wait till your father get's home, and he got home like clock work every day from the mill at 4:30 pm. He went into the living room to talk about what to do with me as this was a common occurrence throughout my life. My former foster dad went into my room and he punched me and told me to never do that again, I was stunned at what he did. He went back into the living room to talk some more, and then I was called into the living room, and I was expecting to be spanked, hit, or grounded, but nothing prepared me for what took place next.
They both looked at me and she said to me that they are giving me two weeks to get out, or my things would be thrown out. I was so devastated that I think that's where I died internally. I went to my social worker who put me in a private viewing room for people to look at whether they wanted me or not. They all said no, that they were looking for a baby, or a much younger boy. My social worker went to talk to her supervisor, and again they too talked about what to do with me. To my surprise, they some how came up with the idea of putting me on independent living at age 13. About two weeks after I moved out, I went for a walk on a nice sunny Sunday afternoon. I got tired and I sat down on a bench, and a van drove up to ask for directions, and I told him the direction he needs to go. He starts to drive off, and he stops, drives back to where I was, and asks if I could show him. Big Mistake! I got in and when it was time for him to drop me off, he didn't, he kept driving, and went up a mountain behind a reserve. He stops, and pulls out a knife, and says if I don't take off my clothes he would kill me. I sat there scared, and thought death or take off my clothes. I chose life that day. After he finishes with me, he starts to drive off, and says for me to get out. I was scared, because I thought for sure I would die if I jumped out of a moving vehicle. Again he says as he puts his knife against my throat to get out or he would kill me. I jumped out stark naked, and as I was rolling I some how managed to see the last three digits of his license plate. After he drove off leaving for dead, and I was bleeding, all cut up, some wild animals were at the side road looking at me deliciously and licking their chops, but even they didn't want me. I guess I was too thin, I was all skin and bone.
I written a script of my life story and calling it the First Nation People of Canada and their Success Story's. As an indigenous person here in Canada I see very little of movies or documentary's on indigenous people that focus on the positive side of our life. Like those that are doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, and students that are in high school that go onto college and university. My film will be about the success story's of the indigenous people with the movie starting out with me and my struggles I've had and triumphs over adversity.

If you want to be a part of this project, let me know.

Name: Billy George Williams

Lives in: Campbell River, Canada

Company: BGW Film Studio: Campbell River, BC; Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Director, Editor, Filmmaker, Producer, Screenwriter, Distributor, Cinematographer and Producer of Marketing & Distribution


  • Alberni District Secondary School

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