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November is upon us, fellow scribes. So ready those coffee pots. Pull up those ergonomic chairs. It’s time to get writing!

For the past two years, we’ve had hundreds of participants join in, get motivated, get involved, inspire others, and complete projects. We all know life can get in the way, sure. But if we’re being totally honest with ourselves, we also know we often get in our own way. We procrastinate, get frustrated, lose focus, or lose sight of our goals. It’s not so much the writing part that’s difficult, but rather it is difficult to sit down and do the work. So in November we rally together, share a collective mission, and support each other in our individual efforts. Sometimes it takes a village to get those scripts written. And for a third year, we hope to do just that.

The rules of Write Club are simple: Beginning on the first of the month, we’ll use the 30 days of November as a personal deadline for whatever project you are working on—be it a first draft, a rewrite, a pitch, a short, a feature, or a TV pilot. Whatever “it” is for you. There are no parameters other than what you choose to accomplish within the month of November. We’ll support, inspire, and cheer each other on throughout our 30-day endeavors. And. Get. It. Done.

This is not a competition. This is not a win/lose thing. No word count. No page count. No comparing against one another. Nope.

This exercise is about pushing forward. This exercise is about encouraging each other to reach individual goals.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll share our highs and lows in the ongoing Write Club Screenwriting Lounge thread here. And share our progress in the weekly November Write Club check-in blogs every Wednesday.

Remember participation is key. You must check in and report your progress, and participate by supporting and encouraging others all month long.

After our 30 days, we’ll take our celebratory “victory lap” by listing Write Club participants’ November project loglines. And like previous years, there’ll be a well-earned “gift” at the end, an extended push forward with whatever step may be next for you.

So whaddaya say? You in?


Go to the 3rd Annual November Write Club Screenwriting Lounge Thread Here!



3rd Annual November Write Club Lets get Writing

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