5 Ways You’re Using Twitter Incorrectly to Promote Your Film’s Crowdfunding Campaign

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

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I was recently inspired to write an article on how people use Twitter incorrectly while promoting their crowdfunding campaign.  That piece, 5 Ways You are Using Twitter Incorrectly to Promote Your Film's Crowdfunding Campaign, was published yesterday on Medium.  I've provided an excerpt below along with a link to the entire article.

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5 Ways You’re Using Twitter Incorrectly to Promote Your Film’s Crowdfunding Campaign

Avoid these costly mistakes and get those cameras rolling

With the advent of new technology, including the capability to shoot and edit a movie on your smartphone, the barrier of entry for making a film has never been lower. And, with the advent of various crowdfunding platforms, raising funds for a film has, seemingly, never been easier.

That’s the good news.

However, a lower barrier of entry and technological advances inevitably means more competition.

That’s the bad news.

Or is it?

I don’t need to tell anyone drawing breath that Twitter is the best mass social media platform for broadcasting a message. I also don’t think it’s news that the ease of broadcasting a message on Twitter makes it the platform with the most white noise.

Now, many say that the larger the crowd and the louder the din the harder it is to stand out and rise above the cacophony. I disagree. To the contrary, I believe that a snazzy outfit, proper preparation, an on point message and an undeniable delivery will put you in center stage spotlight each and every time.

This is especially true when promoting a film crowdfunding campaign. Going on faith that you’ve done your research on how to create a truly compelling and interactive campaign page, let’s discuss how you can lead your Twitter audience to said page by pointing out 5 common strategy errors and how you can avoid them.

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***Thanks to all who gave us the heads up on our share buttons. They are now fixed! Share away!***

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