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A couple of steps are preached within the screenwriting sector that newbies need to follow before finding their feet in the industry. Many screenwriters have been frustrated out of their passion because they’ve done everything they are asked to do to no avail. They’ve followed the process verbatim and are yet to land anywhere or anything meaningful.

This can be frustrating, mainly because it forces the screenwriter to think that their success and breakthrough in Hollywood aren’t in their hands. So, they sit back and expect someone to reach out to them miraculously. However, it doesn’t work that way.

No one is responsible for creating opportunities for you more than you are. As a screenwriter, you need to carve out your opportunities within the niche. Being new and unestablished in this industry means that you have to spread your net as much as possible.

This doesn’t mean that you will rest on your laurels and expect them to reach out. You must learn to create opportunities by yourself, for yourself. This means you have to go the distance for yourself in most cases.

In this article, we will be discussing several ways for you to create screenwriting opportunities for yourself and maximize them.


5 Ways to Make Your Own Screenwriting Opportunities


Carry Out Extensive Research

Research is crucial for you as a screenwriter. One of the first things you need to research for someone seeking screenwriting opportunities is the individuals and organizations willing to offer you these opportunities.

For instance, you can start with IMDbPro. This platform gives you access to crucial contact information of important companies and Hollywood figures that offer these opportunities. You can create a list of people to approach from these websites.

You should be actively seeking opportunities. So, even if you are making several submissions, don’t wait for their response after submitting. Instead, get yourself busy trying to find ways to access industry insiders and companies to cold query.

In case you didn’t know, a cold query is an effective method of seeking opportunities as a screenwriter. If you have a particular type of movie that you love to write, use IMDbPro to search for and reach out to industry insiders and companies known for making that type of movie. This is one way to create opportunities for you.

There are also some amazing opportunities to enter screenwriting contests and get your work read. 


5 Ways to Make Your Own Screenwriting Opportunities


Hire a Manager

There’s a difference between a manager and an agent. This is a fact that many people miss. Many aspiring screenwriters mistake hiring an agent instead because they believe it will help them sell their screenplay. However, this is a wrong approach.

The role of agents is mainly to make deals and reach an agreement between the production company and the screenwriter. These deals often only happen if the studio sees the screenplay as marketable or having a substantial commercial value. The agents are there to make these deals happen, but they won’t help you build your career or get new opportunities.

However, managers will help you get better as a writer. They will develop your scripts with you, give feedback, build your network, and mention your name in places where opportunities appear.

You will need an agent at some point in your career, but you are not at that point yet. You need to grow now and seek opportunities for yourself as a manager. They will help you grow as a professional to the point where you may need to get an agent to negotiate deals on your behalf.

The pitch sessions here on Stage 32 are a great way to meet agents/managers that are actively seeking new clients. 

Focus on Entry-Level Companies when Marketing your Script

One mistake you will be making at this stage of your career is targeting the big-name producers, studios, and production companies. The truth is, it is challenging to get them to look at your work. They’re more interested in working with the big-name writers.

So, you must shift your attention to smaller producers and production companies that make more moves and are more open than the big names.

These companies are also very easy to find. You will find some by being attentive to opening titles displayed at the start of the movie before the opening credit. These companies’ names and logos are usually displayed.

Target these entry-level companies and market your scripts to them. You have a better chance with them, and you can start to build your career with them. This will lead to better openings.


5 Ways to Make Your Own Screenwriting Opportunities


Learn How to Network

Networking is an essential skill if you want to grow in Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole. As a screenwriter, it is a skill that you must imbibe and learn quickly, even if it appears unappealing to you from the start. Your manager may be skilled enough to help you out and open a few doors for you, but ultimately, you’re the one who creates your opportunities. So you have to go out and network with people.

An excellent place to start is by listing everyone you know to the industry or someone you know with an industry connection. Hollywood, like many other industries, is built on networks and relationships. Learning to network and build relationships with people will help clear your path to the top and make it easier. This means that you must be ready to attend festivals, writing groups, screenings, and conferences that allow you to meet people and create connections. 

You can also network right here on Stage 32! The Stage 32 lounges are a great place to start.

Write More Excellent Scripts

The higher the number of excellent scripts you have, the higher your chances of excelling. It’s not enough to have one good script. Most producers (and agents/managers) in Hollywood will be looking to work with screenwriters that can provide them with a body of work rather than a single piece.

If you have just one or two scripts that you’re trying to market and are also submitting for contests, fellowships, competitions, production companies, etc., you’ll appear unserious. You can be sure that they’ll ask for samples of other projects you’ve worked on, and if you can’t provide any, you’re at a disadvantage.

No producer or company will be willing to take a risk on a one-hit-wonder screenwriter. They want to see that you have a flow of inspiration backed by a body of work. The more scripts you can show them, the more convinced they are about you and what you’re offering them. So, writing one good script isn’t enough; it’s the start.


Being a screenwriter is difficult, especially when starting from the bottom. However, you can do yourself a favor by making your opportunities instead of waiting for others to offer them to you. it may never come that way.


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