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It's been an incredible week and a half here on Stage 32 for a number of members of our remarkably talented community.

In the past 10 days a director in Amsterdam was hired by a producer in New York, a Director and a DP met on Stage 32 and are in post production on a film starring Ed Asner and Danny Trejo, three writers were signed, two scripts were picked up and 1 script received a green light and will go into production next month!  These success stories were accomplished from networking, through pitch sessions, consultations and contests and simply by connections made through networking on Stage 32.

Judging from the communication we've had with our executives over the last couple of days, we'll be seeing even more success stories over the coming weeks.

These success stories prove the point - if you put in the time, commitment and dedication to networking on Stage 32 and getting your work seen, it increases your chances for success. Just ask the following members:


  • Congratulations to Craig Walendziak (Massachusetts) for landing a writing assignment to co-write A DYING ART with Matthew McCarty for producer David Harris (UnLTD Productions). David Moscow (BIG) will make his directorial debut. The Hollywood Reporter reports that they are eying a February start for shoot date in Louisiana. To read the announcement, click here!

  • Also congratulations to Craig Walendziak (Massachusetts) for getting signed to Kailey Marsh Management! Craig's script stood out in our "Search for New Blood" Contest and caught the eye of Kailey Marsh, which led to her signing him.

  • Kieron Holland (Australia)'s scripts, PERCIVAL GREY and ASTERION, are now being shopped in the UK market by the Curtis Brown Group (London) after Kieron was discovered in a pitch session.

  • Congratulations to Benjello Jacob (California) for getting his script, NOMADS, shopped around by agent, Adam Parry, at APA who recently had two scripts on The Black List! APA discovered Benjello in one of our pitch sessions.

  • Juliet Bergh (New Zealand) signs with manager Mary Cybriwsky from Scooty Woop Entertainment. Mary discovered Juliet through our Exclusive Coverage Program.

  • Ken Krauss (New York), THE UGLIEST MAN IN PICTURES, signs with manager John Ferraro (Valleywood Entertainment)! Knowing what John is looking for and knowing Ken's portfolio, Joey was able to pass along one of Ken's script which led to John signing him.

  • Joe Orlandino  (Chicago) For four completely different projects, Joe connected with and employed some extremely talented people...a screenwriter (Persephone Vandegrift), a composer (Enzo DeRosa) and actors (Lisa Mueller, et al.)

  • Luis R. Quintero (Los Angeles) Two years ago Luis was looking for a DP for a short film he was directing, that is when he connected with Pedro Avila (Los Angeles) on Stage 32. They immediately hit it off and established a wonderful Director / DP relationship. Since then they have worked on a few projects and are proud to announce their latest collaboration, GUITLESS, starring: Anthony Pavelich, Ashlee Olivia, Ed Asner, Harold Sylvester, Tommy Giavocchini, Tina Huang, Scott Wordham, CL Taylor, Ciera Payton, & Danny Trejo, is wrapped and currently in post-production.

  • Stephanie J. Castillo (New York), Emmy award winner, searched for a cameraman in Amsterdam on Stage 32 and found Igor Andreevski (Amsterdam), who was hired to film documentary interviews in Europe. Ten days of travel, 11 interviews for U.S. documentary and THOMAS CHAPIN, NIGHT BIRD SONG is now in post-production!

If you have found success networking on Stage 32 finding a job, collaborating on a project, getting funding, going into production, getting distribution, etc. we ask that you please share your story here.

If you would like to read about other success stories that have come as a result of networking on Stage 32, click here.

We ask that you please take a moment to congratulate your fellow Stage 32 community members on this recent good news!  We also ask that you please share this post anywere you feel might benefit other creatives looking for inspiration! 

Thank you!

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