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Stage 32 has partnered with the 26th Annual Raindance Film Festival to bring an impressive lineup of filmmaking talent to London. First up, we'll be presenting the international premiere of our 3rd Annual Short Film Program featuring the incredible films from our talented winners. Following the screening, we'll have a Q&A session with the winning filmmakers in attendance.

Later that evening, we'll be hosting another London Stage 32 Meetup. Our last London meetup was not only jammed packed and an absolute blast, but resulted in relationships that led to quite a few projects being launched.

Finally, toward the end of the week, be sure to check out the world premiere of Alex Ferrari's ON THE CORNER OF EGO AND DESIRE featuring yours truly!

Whether you live in the London area or traveling in for the festival, consider this my invitation to join us for any or all of these events. It's going to be a fun and inspirational week.

More details below.  I look forward to seeing you in London. 



We're looking forward to meeting and mingling with our Stage 32 members in and around the London area! Join us as we partner with the 26th Annual Raindance Film Festival for an exciting week of events. To start, we've arranged a huge perk for Stage 32 members - If you'd like to get full Raindance Film Festival passes you can get 20% off your badge price!

Here's what to expect from Stage 32 during Raindance, which takes place from September 26, 2018 - October 7, 2018:


Saturday, September 29, 2018

3:00pm-5:00pm - Stage 32 Short Film Program, plus Q&A with the filmmakers

6:00pm - 9:00pm - Stage 32 Meetup to Follow - location will be announced at the screening

Judged and curated by 2017 Academy Award-winning short film filmmakers. The Stage32 screening features filmmakers from the UK, USA, Hungary, and Iran, who will be in attendance for a Q&A with Stage 32's CEO Richard Botto. Joining RB will be the Grand Prize winner, director of The Letters, Terez Koncz, as well as Aaron Bierman, director of Burning Bright, Greg Chwerchark, director of Sac De Merde, and the director of Man Eater, Zara Burdett. Following the screening and Q&A we'll be having a Stage 32 meetup. This will certainly be a fun and inspirational evening! 

The 3rd Stage 32 Short Film Program:

  • Burning Bright (Dir. Aaron Bierman) - USA
  • Two Worlds (Dir. Andy Lefton) - USA
  • Man Eater (Dir. Zara Burdett) - UK
  • Genesis (Dir. Abtin Mozafari) - IRAN
  • Monday (Dir. Dinh Tai) - USA
  • Sac De Merde (Dir. Greg Chwerchak) - USA
  • The Letters (Dir. Terez Koncz). - HUNGARY - Grand Prize Winner

6:00pm-8:00pm - Stage 32 Meetup

An intimate meet & greet with Stage 32 Founder & CEO, Richard Botto, and Managing Director, Amanda Toney, as well as other members of the Stage community!


Location & Tickets

VUE Cinemas - Piccadilly - Screen 2

19 Lower Regent St

London, GB SW1Y 4LR

Tickets: Details & Tickets Here


A Full Week of Stage 32 Events at Raindance All Are Invited

Thursday, October 4, 2018 & Friday, October 5, 2018

Thursday, October 4, 2018: 8:00pm - 10:00pm - Screening of On The Corner of Ego and Desire

Friday, October 5, 2018: 3:00pm - 5:00pm - Screening of On the Corner of Ego and Desire

Our very own fearless leader, Richard Botto, makes his Raindance acting debut in the feature film ON THE CORNER OF EGO AND DESIRE, a feature film directed by Indie Film Hustle's Alex Ferrari. 

Three hopeless filmmakers trek to Sundance Film Festival to find a producer to buy their independent feature film. What begins as a trip making their dreams come true turns, through a series of mishaps, into a living nightmare. ON THE CORNER OF EGO AND DESIRE features a dubious trio - the pretentious director with high aspirations for herself as an artist but with little consideration for the artistic contribution of her two friends; the producer who, it seems, stole money from his mother's retirement account to fund the film; and the third member of the gang, a fumbling actor who doesn’t really understand what’s going on. As they continue to struggle with their situation and conflict with one another, the film explores how the basis of their trip is driven by their egos, selfish interests, and groundless desire for success. It is an interesting exploration of every filmmaker’s artistic and personal struggle to become successful in the film industry. 

Location & Tickets

VUE Cinemas - Piccadilly - Screen 2

19 Lower Regent St

London, GB SW1Y 4LR

Thursday, October 4 at 8pm Tickets: Details & Tickets Here

Friday, October 4 at 3pm Tickets: Details & Tickets Here



We look forward to seeing you at the events!


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