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But before that, I’d like to introduce myself. Hi, my name is Joseph Dinh! I am an aspiring writer, a University of Minnesota – Twin Cities student majoring in Psychology, and the brand new intern here at Stage 32! I love anything and everything storytelling, and my favorite show of all time and what has inspired me to pursue a career in entertainment is Ugly Betty. I’ve also been told that:

  1. I should’ve been a model.
  2. I’m not just a pretty face but also hilarious.
  3. I’m living proof that God creates with two hands.
  4. It’s no surprise I catch men like a venus flytrap.
  5. I’m very humble. 

I’m excited to be a part of the Stage 32 community and being here with you guys! Stage 32 is an amazing service and I can’t wait to grow with all of you.

Anyways, on to the big announcement. Here at Stage 32 we aim to constantly grow, expand ourselves as a company, and make our community the best it can be! Some new changes will start coming your way, and to kick things off we are revamping our YouTube channel!

We currently have a video out with some of our filmmaking Stage 32 members talking about their projects, how they’ve used Stage 32 to cast people for their films including DP’s and directors, and insights into what helps them with their filmmaking. There’s definitely some enlightening and encouraging stuff in this video, so be sure to check it out whenever you have time!

As an aspiring writer myself, what resonated with me most in the video were Sonny’s last words of advice. He ends his time by telling people, “It’s such a blessing to be able to follow your bliss. Following your passions and your dreams… Make sure you remember that passion till the end, because oftentimes that’s what will get you to the end point.” Even though being a writer is a frustrating experience and a career filled with rejection, I’m doing this because it’s my passion and hearing Sonny’s words of gratitude for what he does reminded me of that. It’s a necessary reminder.

We’ll be releasing more and more great content on our channel so make sure to subscribe and keep an eye out! Very exciting things in store for the future. Let me know what you guys think and leave a comment about what you found useful in the video and even advice for your fellow filmmakers!


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Advice from Stage 32 Filmmakers



Advice from Stage 32 Filmmakers

About Joseph Dinh:

I am currently a Psychology student at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, and have recently finished my internship with Zaza Productions. I write and act, with an emphasis on comedy. I'd love to collaborate with other people and work on projects together, so hit me up if you need help or just want someone to work with! Feel free to check out my work on my reel.

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