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It’s no secret that we’re in a new Golden Age of Television. With audiences’ increasing desires for escapism and purely bingeable TV, there is perhaps no greater demand for new material than within Televised Comedies. Series like TED LASSO on Apple+, PEN15 and RAMY on Hulu, BARRY and INSECURE on HBO, ASTRONOMY CLUB on Netflix, THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL on Amazon, critics and global audiences alike can’t get enough. Not only are these shows changing the way that we watch television but, in many cases, they’re actually changing the way that we view the world. Hilarious writers and ingenious creators have dramatically upped the game with televised comedic storytelling. The next batch of new TV comedies needs to be even better, even bolder and even more groundbreaking.

As always, Stage 32 is on the cutting edge of the industry and invites you to answer the call for gut-busting, thought provoking Comedy pilots!


Stage 32 is thrilled to announce our 1st Annual TV Comedy Screenwriting Contest. Learn more here. 


For the first time ever, Stage 32 is looking specifically for the most revolutionary voice in comedic television writing. Our mission is to give that writer a platform to launch their career. And true to form, we’re giving you exclusive access to professionals from across television. Your work could be read by the creative comedic minds behind “IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY”, “YOU’RE THE WORST,” “2 BROKE GIRLS”, “SCHITT’S CREEK”, “WILL SMITH’S BUCKET LIST,” “BLACK JESUS,” “SCRUBS” and more!

Our panel of judges are not only experts in the field of televised comedy, but they are actively on the hunt for both new writers and new material. Remember that Comedy is a deceptively nuanced genre: Dark Comedies, Multi-Cam Slapstick Sitcoms, grounded Single-Cam Comedies, Comedic Horror, Serio-Comedies, biting Satires, among others.Because in this Golden Age of Television, Comedies are more fresh, more boundary-pushing and more sought after than ever, and your story should be out there continuing to change the game.

Our panel of judges are not only experts in the field of understanding Television Comedy, but are on the hunt for new writers and material. The Grand Prize Winner will be flown to LA (travel permitting) and meet with judges and mentors including:

  • Ashley Henderson, Television Coordinator, Will Smith's Westbrook Studios ("WILL SMITH'S BUCKET LIST")
  • Janean Jeffries, Senior Coordinator, ViacomCBS ("SCHITT'S CREEK")
  • Liz Dickler, Producer & Executive, "ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK", "SCRUBS"
  • David Shecter, Writer, "IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY", "2 BROKE GIRLS"
  • Heath Cullens, Director, "IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY", "YOU'RE THE WORST"
  • Audrey Knox, Literary Manager, The Cartel (Client credits include "IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY", "CALIFORNICATION"

ALL FINALISTS will be in a Stage 32 Look Book which includes their script title, logline & bio mailed to over 500 industry executives including, managers, agents, producers, development executives, and financiers! Stage 32 Look Books are respected throughout the industry and have helped secure dozens meetings and which have led to writer success with companies like Verve, Good Fear, 3 Arts, APA, Echo Lake, Amazon, UTA, CAA, WME, First Friday, Pathfinder, The Cartel, Art/Work and many, many more.




Jenny Rauch, Winner of the Stage 32 5th Annual Comedy Writing Contest




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