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Posted by Richard "RB" Botto
Hey guys.  First off, thanks to all who have posted and written in with such fantastic and loving comments regarding our acquisition of The Happy Writers.  I know I speak for Joey and everyone here on Stage 32 when I say we're overwhelmed and grateful.
While the response has been entirely positive, many of you also had some questions regarding the various offerings we have listed on The Stage 32 Happy Writers.  My plan is to do another On Stage With RB webinar (here's the first one if you missed it!) within the next couple of weeks where I'll walk everyone through the site and answer any and all questions you may have.  But, in the meantime, I figured I'd clear some things up by running through some of the sections of the site.
Stage 32 Happy Writers Pitch Sessions:  This is where you will find the calendar of available individual pitch sessions.  Usually, but not always, each executive will be available for 15 Skype and 15 written pitches per session.  If you see an executive you'd like to pitch to, simply click on that executive's name and choose your preferred time from the list available. 
Stage 32 Happy Writers Online Pitchfests:  Most of our Pitchfests are themed two to three day festivals.  For example, our next event – Online Pitchfest XV: Horror/Suspense/Thriller – features executives in the market for screenplays in those genres.  All executives and available time slots will be listed on the individual Online Pitchfest page.
Stage 32 Happy Writers Coverage and Services:  We're extremely proud to be able to offer screenplay coverage directly from Hollywood executives.  We currently have 29 executives available to cover your script (we will be adding and rotating executives constantly).  Even better, you can target an executive by the genre of your script.  Coverage packages are available in 1-2 page, 4-6 page, and 6-8 page packages.  This is a unique and exclusive offering.  Never wonder who is reading and covering your screenplay again. Plus, all 29 executives are also available for 1 hour phone consultations!
Stage 32 Happy Writers Classes and Stage 32 Happy Writers Labs - In our effort to bring world class educational opportunities, The Stage 32 Happy Writers will be bringing in the industries most knowledgeable and experienced minds to teach online master classes and labs ranging from 2-8 weeks.
Our first two offerings are:
Lee is one of the most sought after and leading screenwriting coaches in Hollywood.  She has taught optioned and bought screenwriters, working television writers, WGA writers, and Golden Globe and Emmy nominated writers.  Her book, Getting It Write: An Insider's Guide to a Screenwriting Career recently hit #1 on Amazon in the Screenwriting section.  
Lee's 4 week master class will not only focus on how to break into the business, but sustaining a screenwriting career.  Everything will be touched on, including landing a manager or agent.
Garrick is the SVP of Development at Bold Films and has produced such movies as DRIVE with Ryan Gosling and 2014 Sundance Winner WHIPLASH.  Garrick has taught this master twice for us by invite only.  In both cases, over 80% of the writers went on to take his Second Level class.  For the first time, he has opened this lab up to the entire Stage 32 Happy Writers Audience.  Still, only 20 writers will be accepted, assuring that Garrick can give each writer the individual attention they deserve.
Garrick's 8 week master lab will focus on developing a commercial unique concept and a full, iron clad outline.
That's quite a bit to absorb, so I'll leave it there except to say that you can view Stage 32 Happy Writers Success Stories here and testimonials from writers AND some of our wonderful executives here.
Once again, thank you for the support, the kind words, and the good wishes.  I appreciate you all!

We request that all Stage 32’ers help spread the word about the Stage 32 Happy Writers through social media, blogs, podcasts, or any other medium! Thanks in advance!
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