Aside From Crowdsourcing, What Gives Me a Competitive Advantage in the Film Industry?

Posted by Joleene DesRosiers

We’ve learned in the Crowdsourcing video series that in order to get ahead with any creative project, you need to have a competitive advantage. Stage 32 CEO Richard “RB” Botto is the best-selling author of Crowdsourcing For Filmmakers: Indie Film and the Power of the Crowd, an undeniably powerful book that delves into one of the film industry's best kept secrets: CrowdSOURCING. And the more you discover about crowdsourcing, the more you understand that it truly gives you a competitive advantage over others.

But aside from crowdsourcing, what else in the industry can get help you get ahead?Take a look at the video below to learn what RB has to say about the film industry business, and why it’s crucial that you know the who, the what, and the when of this incredibly competitive industry.

Aside From Crowdsourcing What Gives Me a Competitive Advantage in the Film Industry

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Crowdsourcing For Filmmakers Praise:

Aside From Crowdsourcing What Gives Me a Competitive Advantage in the Film Industry


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