Ask Me Anything: Embracing the New Normal with Stage 32 CEO Richard "RB" Botto Now Available On-Demand!

Posted by Taylor C. Baker

Happy Wednesday Stage 32 Community!

Last week, our fearless leader Richard "RB" Botto hosted one of his signature "Ask Me Anything" webinars focusing on the "new normal" that is the entertainment industry during COVID-19. We were beyond jazzed to virtually host thousands of Stage 32 members tuning in from every corner of the world, culminating in an invigorating two hours of inspirational and no-bs shop talk from RB.  

In this Ask Me Anything, RB answered questions from Stage 32 members, both new and old, about multiple facets of the entertainment industry from craft to business. No matter where you live or what hat(s) you wear in the industry, you are sure to get inspired and stay motivated during this honest and candid talk about the state of the entertainment industry. Here's just some of what RB covered:

  • How Do I Get Representation?
  • How Do I Submit My Project/Script to a Production Company that Requests “No Unsolicited Material”
  • What Genres of Film are Selling?
  • How will restrictions on large gatherings due to COVID change the way we write and produce content?
  • Should I Move to LA to Pursue A Career in Entertainment?
  • Can Your to Write, Star In, and Showrun Your Own Animation Series?
  • Should I Self-Distribute my Own Work?
  • Are digitized actors the future?
  • Is there Still a Market for Spec Scripts?
  • What is the Etiquette on Following Up with Someone Reading Your Script?
  • How Can I Get Better at Pitching Projects?
  • Advice for Actors Writing Their Own Projects
  • Can I Excel in Screenwriting if I’m Over 60?
  • How to Give Yourself a Deadline
  • Why is Crowdsourcing for Filmmakers more Important than Ever?
  • How to Balance the Creative vs. Business Side of Entertainment
  • What does the New Virtual Distribution Model Look Like?
  • What Entertainment Industry Trades Should I Be Reading?
  • ..and more!
As always, this exclusive and inspirational webinar from RB is free to download and watch on-demand!

Here at Stage 32, we are a community built on supporting one another's careers and adventures in entertainment. If you know someone who could benefit from RB's inspirational talk, kindly share it with them! If you chose to share the webinar via social media, please tag us @Stage32online on Instagram and @Stage32 on Twitter and @rbwalksintoabar on both Instagram and Twitter. As RB says, we're all in this together!

For the past nine years, Stage 32 has been proud to provide a space for industry creatives and professionals to learn, connect, and gain opportunities that further their careers online. Now, more than ever, the ability to stay connected, inspired, and educated is vital. Here at Stage 32, we are thrilled to put the "social" in #SocialDistancing.


Click Here to Watch RB's AMA: Quarantine Edition!

Ask Me Anything Embracing the New Normal with Stage 32 CEO Richard RB Botto Now Available OnDemand



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