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Do you ever wonder why some creatives get ahead and have more opportunities than others? It's because they treat their creative pursuits as an entrepreneur. It's not just important to hone your craft - whether you're an actor, writer, director, producer, post-production, composer or anything in between - it's also important the you become the CEO of "You".

Our fearless leader, RB, paid the podcast The 5 O'Clock Hustle a visit and talked about how being a creative is a lot like being an entrepreneur. 

In this episode, they identify the many parallels of filmmaking and entrepreneurship. While the two may seem words apart on the surface, RB has a candid discussion with the 5 O'Clock Hustle on how some, if not all, of the same concepts apply. They touch on the importance of personal branding, how to make use of your immediate resources and then RB offers some invaluable advice on how to use crowdsourcing to bolster your startup or making your first film. He also breaks down how crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are not interchangeable and how he used crowdsourcing to build up Stage 32 as well as his career in the film industry.


Here are just some of the things gone over in the podcast:
  • Who is RB and what is Stage32? [02:30]
  • What was growing Stage32 like in the early days? [10:57]
  • How is crowdsourcing more important than traditional advertising? [15:10]
  • What makes a good Stage32 user? [20:00]
  • What is a day in the life of RB like and how does he juggle so many projects? [34:00]
  • What are some suggestions for first time filmmakers and entrepreneurs? [47:13]
Additionally, here are some links and resources from the episode:


More About The 5 O'Clock Hustle

The 5 O’Clock Hustle is an interactive business podcast for after-hours entrepreneurs and weekend warriors who are ready to challenge the status quo and take control of their destiny by way of immeasurable growth and drive. These Hustlers, who embrace the steep learning curve of a leader, proactively participate in the 5 O'Clock Hustle community to leverage the insight and experience of thought pioneers and industry leaders around the globe. From shaping your mindset to building your empire, they exist to fuel passions and de-mystify business models by breaking down the conventional barriers of entrepreneurship.


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