Advice on Pitching from the Producer of an Emmy Nominated Series

Posted by Joseph Dinh

With immense pleasure, I am happy to introduce the insanely talented Bret Slater, who is the producer of the Emmy nominated HBO show, "Ballers."

Even with being one of the biggest powerhouse producers in the industry, I could tell by meeting him in the Stage 32 office that he was extremely approachable and has a good heart with a love for giving back.

Bret has worked through the ranks starting out as the assistant for Stephen Levinson, which eventually turned into him getting approached by Mark Wahlberg and his company to produce "Ballers," while he was working on his own projects. He then worked to get the show made through 5 years of development and onward when it finally premiered in 2015.

With all of his experience, it's clear that he has an immense wealth of knowledge for this craft, which is why we asked him the question: 


"If you could give one piece of advice to someone pitching, what would it be?"




Advice on Pitching from the Producer of an Emmy Nominated Series


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Advice from Stage 32 Filmmakers


If you enjoyed watching Bret, you can also learn more from his charming self by clicking here to watch his webinar, "The Art of Mastering Your T.V. Pitch!"



Advice from Stage 32 Filmmakers

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