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Stage 32 and i4software Partner for Worldwide Launch of ‘Prizmia for GoPro’ - Filmmaking App for GoPro Filmmakers

GoPro has been in the news a ton lately due to their IPO issue and surging stock price.  But as much as the brand has been dominating the financial headlines lately, it's also been flooding the tech headlines as well.  More and more DIY filmmakers are choosing GoPro as their camera of choice due to its portability and ease of use.  Based on recent conversation here on the site, use of GoPro cameras is on the rise within the Stage 32 community as well.  In fact, Stage 32 member and Emmy Award winner, Katie Damien, used the GoPro to film parts of her movie Join Effort, which recently screened at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.  (Katie also hired her sound designer through Stage 32, but I digress...)

Given all this heat surrounding GoPro, I'm thrilled to announce Stage 32's exclusive global partnership with i4software, a worldwide leader in mobile video and film editing software, for the launch of it’s ‘Prizmia for GoPro’ filmmaking app. i4software will be selecting 50 Stage 32 filmmakers to receive an early preview release of its new app Prizmia for GoPro.

Prizmia for GoPro is a feature-loaded editing, filters and effects app that wirelessly connects to a filmmaker’s GoPro camera. One major distinguishing feature is its full-screen, real-time preview, which can be seen directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch while filming with filters and grading effects applied. This innovation greatly improves the current GoPro user experience. Additional features include more than 40 included professional filters and effects, independent color grading controls for contrast, saturation, gamma and brightness, optical slow motion speed adjustment, live filters preview, Direct GoPro media library access and full control over all GoPro settings and features.  It's truly an amazing application.  The app will become available in late July. 

This select group of 50 Stage 32 filmmakers will participate closely with i4software to refine expanded features for the app targeted to the filmmaking community. 

I want to thank Michael Zaletel, Founder of i4software, for his kind consideration in choosing Stage 32 as i4software's global partner in this launch.  Here's what Michael had to say about this driven and talented community:

“There is no other community like Stage 32. Masterfully, Stage 32 brings the world's filmmakers to one place. They were the one and only choice as an exclusive launch partner for this revolutionary product 18 months in development”

Needless to say I'm extremely grateful.

Remember, this is available EXCLUSIVELY for Stage 32 members. So, filmmakers, if you shoot on a GoPro or intend to rush out and buy one today, go sign up now!  i4software will choose the 50 lucky filmmakers on July 14th!


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 To read the full press release, please click here. 

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