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Hello Stage 32 Community!

As you may recall, back in August we launched a blog series called "Casting: An Actor's Perspective" by actor and long-time Stage 32 member Jon Snow. In his first blog, his videos discuss how to "Tell, Don't Ask" and the importance of genuine discovery during auditions. Click here to check out Jon's first blog.

Jon's second blog "Tell the Truth" dives into the importance of authenticity during auditions. Click here to watch.

Jon's third blog "Switching Roles" talks about how you can become a better listener. Click here to watch.

Jon's fourth blog "All About Relationship" explains how your audition is about more than just your talent. Click Here to Watch.

Jon has worked with some of the biggest casting offices in Los Angeles as an audition reader for over three years. He has been in well over 10,000 auditions and has had an unprecedented ringside seat to auditions performed by newcomers all the way to name stars. As an actor himself, you can see Jon on GOOD GIRLS on NBC, ALL RISE on CBS, and THE ROOKIE on ABC to name a few. We are so excited that Jon is sharing his insider tips with the Stage 32 community!

Jon and I also did an Instagram Live on @stage32 - click here to check it out and get even more great acting/audition tips from Jon! (and be sure to give us a follow on Instagram for more great videos!)

This week, Jon is bringing you even more helpful and inspirational insights on how to grow as an actor and nail your next audition. Take it away Jon!

After three and a half years of being a reader in multiple casting offices in Los Angeles, and participating in more than 10,000 auditions, I'm sharing with you the knowledge and insight I've gained by being a fly-on-the-wall in the room with casting director's, directors, producers, and showrunners. So take the journey with me, and discover some insider secrets that will help you manage your fears and expectations, as well as give you an edge as soon as you walk in the audition room.


Episode 12: Stage Directions

In this episode, I'll tell you why stage directions are only a suggestion, and why you should decide and then commit fully to any physicality you bring to your auditions.


Click Here to Watch "Stage Directions"


Episode 13: Props & Costumes

In this episode, I'll tell you why less is more when it comes to props and costumes. your audition is about you! It's never about what you're wearing...unless you're doing too much!


Click Here to Watch "Props & Costumes"


Episode 14: The Dreaded Question

In this episode, I'll cover the one question that we hear for almost every audition: Do you have any questions? And I'll tell you why, in my opinion, your answer should be a resounding NO! 99% of the time.


Click Here to Watch "The Dreaded Question"



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