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Hello, creative army!  Miss me?  All apologies for the lack of Coffee & Content these past 2 Sundays.  Cannes was a wall to wall, all out affair - and a very productive one at that.  I'll be sharing some news from the fest and market soon.  We have some extremely exciting opportunities and initiatives in the works that will be of major interest to our incredibly talented members.

Today, however, let's get back to consuming some quality content.  This past week, I had the pleasure - and I do mean pleasure - of recording an online conversation with legendary screenwriter Jim Uhls.  If you're not familiar with Jim, his credits include Fight Club, Jumper and the upcoming Leviathan and Punisher (to be directed by Shane Black).

Jim and I had lunch a couple of months back and were sharing stories from our screenwriting journeys.  As you might imagine, Jim's were much more interesting (and, at times, horrifying) than mine.  But what struck me most about Jim was his perspective and resilience in the face of all he's experienced in his 20+ year career.  I asked him if he would be willing to share some of these stories with the Stage 32 community.  Jim being Jim, he agreed instantly.

This is one where you are going to want to brew yourself a comforting, relaxing cup of Joe and settle in for an incredible hour plus of amazing stories and invaluable insights.  I guarantee you'll love every second.

Also...We've received numerous emails regarding the AMA (Ask Me Anything) I conducted last month.  It is available on the blog, but we're posting it here again for those who missed it the first time around.  This was a wide ranging, spirited session where I answered questions from the community.  I hope you enjoy!

As always, I ask that you share this content with those you believe would benefit from viewing.  And, of course, I welcome thoughts and musings in the comments section below.

Have a terrific remainder of your weekend!




Q&A with legenendary scribe, Jim Uhls 

Stage 32's Richard 'RB' Botto - Ask Me Anything


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