Coffee & Content - Every Story is the Same & 6 Bizarrely Specific Scenes Hollywood Won't Quit Using

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

Hello, Creative Army!

Is your coffee pipin' hot and ready to go? If not, I'll wait while you get it.

Today we're talking about story. You've heard it said that every story told in film has been told before. In our first shared video, Every Story is the Same, we dig deep into where story structure was born, and how the mind of Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey expounded on it. Listen to what screenwriter Dan Harmon (Community and Rick and Morty) has to say about Campbell.

Next up, we take structure and zoom in for a closer look with the video 6 Bizarrely Specific Scenes Hollywood Won't Quit Using. With sarcasm and wit, CRACKED hits some really good points that gets us thinking.

So there you have it. And by now, I do hope you have your coffee. As you sip, please share this video on your social channels. Someone could use this information. And Stage 32. Let's pull everyone together in the best way possible. That's what we're here for.




Every Story is the Same 



6 Bizarrely Specific Scenes Hollywood Won't Quit Using


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