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Happy Sunday to all.  Let's jump right in.

First, from the guys at Script to Screen, it's a look at the famous bar scene from Goodfellas.  Get your shine box and settle in.

Next, from our friends at Apture, it's 4 Cinematic Lighting Setups for filmmakers.

Finally, over the last 7 years, I've received hundreds (literally) of DM's, emails, etc, asking me for recommendations on books, movies, scripts to read, workout equipment, diet and supplement advice and other things I'd rather not mention. Someone recently suggested I share some of those items right here on the Coffee & Content blog. I've been hesitant until this week. I recently finished Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood's Creative Arts Agency (CAA) and I feel compelled to share my thoughts.  Not only is this an incredibly compelling oral history of the rise of one of Hollywood's most influential and powerful agencies, it provides a massive education into how agencies run, what makes agents tick, how the client/agent relationship works (or, at least, how it should), how films are packaged, how the landscape has changed and how agents today operate compared to the generation before and how you might be able to use that information to your advantage. So there you have it.  If you love this business, you'll love this book. Brew a ton of coffee...It's a long, but never boring, read.

As always, I welcome your thoughts on any or all of the content in the comments section below.  And please do remember to pay it forward and share this blog with those you believe might find the content beneficial.

Have a fantastic Sunday and enjoy the coffee and content.




Goodfellas/Bar Scene: Script to Screen

How to Use Practical Lights! 4 Cinematic Lighting Setups



Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood's
Creative Arts Agency

Coffee  Content  Goodfellas Script to Screen  4 Cinematic Lighting Setups

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