Coffee & Content - How to Avoid Writing a Boring Screenplay & 7 Simple Editing Tips

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

Happy Holidays Creative Army!

This Sunday, the industry is starting to close up shop for the holidays here in Los Angeles. This time of year, the city is unusually empty - making it a perfect time to kick back with a nice hot cup of coffee and some fresh content. 

First up, one of the biggest fears writers face is writing a boring script. The craft of screenwriting is incredibly personal, making a reader's potential yawn all the more gut-wrenching. Fortunately, the folks over at Film Courage crafted a video with 42 tips for writing compelling, yawn-resistant, screenplays. This particular piece of content features advice from dozens of screenwriters and clocks in at over an hour and a half - so keep the coffee coming!

Next up, where are all my trusty editors out there? Whether you are a veteran editor, or a newbie taking a stab at cutting your short film, this next piece of content is for you. This Guy Edits has seven helpful editing tricks that are visually compelling, and simple to execute. 

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Cheers and Happy Holidays!



Film Courage - 42 Ways to Avoid Writing a Boring Screenplay


This Guy Edits - 7 Editing Tips that are Simple and Beautiful


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