Coffee & Content - How to Shoot a Cinematic Intro & 5 Tips for an Epic Sports Video

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

Happy Sunday, everyone. Hope your day is off to a fantastic start and that you've been active, contributing, and making some invaluable connections right here on Stage 32.

This Sunday we want to offer an edition of Coffee & Content that focuses on capturing the dramatic and fast actions of sport. Films like I, Tonya and the iconic Rocky films capture some powerful and theatrical moments on camera, and need to do so without losing the fast action or art of the shot. So first up, How to Shoot a Cinematic Intro with Brodie Smith and Shawn Johnson. This video goes behind the scenes go cover everything from lighting to camera speed to slow motion in order to embody the mindset of an athlete. Even if you're looking to create a cinematic intro that is non-sports related, this video is still helpful.

Next up, a fun video from our friends at Watch as they take a camera onto the court to create an epic sports video with 5 Tips for an Epic Sports Video.

As I share with you, I ask that you share this content with others. As always, I welcome your thoughts, musings, and rantings in the comments section below.

Enjoy your Sunday.



How To Shoot a Cinematic Intro


5 Tips for an Epic Short Video

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