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Happy Sunday Creative Army!

First of all, thank you again for an absolutely amazing Ask Me Anything session this past Wednesday. I got to spend time with over 5,000 of you from all over the world, and it was a true honor to answer your questions on all things craft and business. In case you missed it live, worry not, you can watch for free on-demand here. Now, who is ready for some piping hot content with their Sunday morning cold brew? Let's jump right in. 

First up, the folks over at Film Riot recently featured Austin-based cinematographer Joe Simon's adventures in solo filmmaking. Joe made shot, directed, acting in, and edited a short film all by his lonesome while in quarantine. While production may slowly be coming back, take a page out of Joe's book and learn how to shoot an entire short film solo. 

Next up, this one is for you, actors. Backstage recently sat down with casting director Judy Bouley (Jurrasic World, Oblivion, Savages, Larry Crowne, and more) to talk about how actors can bring their "best selves" into an audition room. Judy talks about how you can work on your craft during the pandemic, how you can improve in auditions, and more. 

As always here at Stage 32, we love to share stories and knowledge with our fellow film fans. Know someone who would love this content? Share it with them! Tag them below! You can keep up with all of our content by subscribing to the Stage 32 YouTube. For all of the latest updates on our Stage 32 Screenings initiative and other Stage 32 news follow me on Twitter @rbwalksintoabar.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy, & creative Sunday.



Film Riot - Making a Short Film Alone


Backstage - How to Bring Your Best Self to the Audition Room


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