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Happy Sunday, everyone. And Happy Father's Day to all fathers and father figures across the globe! Hope you're day is off to a fantastic start and that you've been active, contributing, and making those invaluable connections during Introduce Yourself Weekend. Don't miss out, there's still 24 hours to go!

As if that wasn't enough to motivate you, here's another edition of Coffee & Content.

When we talk with the executives who work with us through Stage 32 Script Services about the main issues they believe screenwriters have the toughest time with, the subject of managing character arcs is almost always near the top of the list. So today, I thought we'd kick things off with a video from CineFix featuring their take on the 10 best character arcs of all time.

Next up, another fantastic video from our friends at Film Riot. Beginner filmmaker? Actor, screenwriter or other creative looking to pick up a camera and control/shoot your own content?  Let's lower that fear level and get you lighting and framing like a pro with How to: Basic Cinematography Tricks.

As I share with you, I ask that you share this content with others.

And, as always, I welcome your thoughts, musings and rantings in the comments section below.

Enjoy your Sunday and the remainder of Introduce Yourself Weekend!




The 10 Best Character Arcs of All Time


Basic Cinematography Tricks


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