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From filming on set in Chicago with Rain Beau's End this past spring to mentoring other screenwriters at a writing retreat in Dordogne, France (and everything prior and yet to come), I've seen and will continue to see my share of continuity mistakes in filmmaking. And as I pour myself a hearty 'cupajoe this Sunday morning, I bring to you another edition of Coffee & Content that covers this very problem.

We've all watched films where we've been able to pick up mistakes in areas where continuity is an issue. Hollywood movie director David F. Sandberg knows a thing or two about continuity, and speaks to it via one of his films, Shazam. Take a listen  and watch what happens when we focus too much on a problem, and ultimately miss solving the real problem in the first video, The Problem Solving of Filmmaking.

Next up, Sven is an A.C.E. award nominated editor who cut for James Cameron, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and James Franco. In our second clip, he asks the viewer to watch a scene for a serious continuity issue that he missed himself when editing with the director of the film. I caught it right away. I also caught a second issue that he doesn't mention. Do you see it in our next video, Movie Mistakes: When Does Film Continuity Really Matter?

If so, throw it in the comments. But continue to watch the video. And share your own continuity stories with us. As you'll see in the video, some editors don't actually put continuity first. They consider it a secondary issue over the actual execution of the scene.

Enjoy the videos, but remember to share. Embrace your collaborative spirit by sharing on your other social media accounts, through email, and by shouting out the window. Give to live.

As always I welcome your thoughts and musings in the comments section below.

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The Problem Solving of Filmmaking

Movie Mistakes: When Does Film Continuity Really Matter?


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