Coffee & Content - What Horror Films Teach Us About Ourselves & 10 Best Opening Shots

Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

Happy Holiday Season Creative Army!

With a fresh new Sunday upon us, it is time for our weekly Coffee & Content. My coffee is brewing - what about yours?

First up, nothing says "Happy Holidays" quite like horror movies, right? This week, we are bringing you a Ted Talk about What Horror Films Teach Us About Ourselves and Being Human. Horror movies have some of the most vivacious and loyal fans around - why is that? What is it about being scared out of our minds that keeps people coming back for more? Find out from Harvard Psychology professor Dr. Steven Schlozman. 

Next, the opening shot of a movie is your audience's first impression of your film. No matter how many times people say "don't judge a book by its cover" - we still make our decisions based on first impressions. So how do you hook your audience in the first five minutes? Cinefix put together a video of the Top 10 Opening Shots to give you some inspiration. 

Know someone who would enjoy this content? Share the wealth! Send it over and comment below to engage with the Stage 32 community. Well, time for another cup of coffee - enjoy the content!



TEDxNashville - What Horror Films Teach Us About Ourselves and Being Human


CineFix - 10 Best Opening Scenes of All Time


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