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Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

Happy Hump Day.

Man, are you guys getting after it.

Since the launch of Stage 32 2.0, we have seen record activity almost daily. Network connections, Lounge posts, wall posts, likes, shares, you name it, are all on the rise. All your dedication and hard work is paying off. More and more of you have written in sharing stories of success. I admire your will, determination, and commitment not only toward making your dreams a reality, but in assisting others in their quest as well.

I'm happy to announce two new features that will make your networking even easier and pay respect to those who consistently contribute and collaborate here on Stage 32.

On the networking front, we introduce a dedicated Expand Your Network section. You can access this area through the shiny new Connect button on you top menu (site navigation) bar.

You can now load page after page of possible networking matches by the following criteria:

  • All Suggestions – These are suggestions based on prior networking patterns
  • By Location – First offerings will be those closest to your home city. However, you can search by any area.
  • By Profession – Matches to your chosen profession, but you can search by any other profession as well.
  • Mutual Connections – Suggestions based on connections made by those already in your network.
  • Random – Feelin' lucky? You never know when a perfect match might pop up.

Hundreds of new creatives join Stage 32 every day. Be sure to use this section to your networking advantage often!

For our next trick...We've always said the best way to be a true collaborator on and off the set is to be a giver first and a receiver second. To that end, we have added Top Contributors to all of our Stage 32 Lounge topics.

These are the three Stage 32 members who have made the top contributions to a particular Lounge topic by starting new conversations, contributing to existing conversations, and liking and sharing existing Lounge discussions.

Not only is this our way of shining the spotlight on the top contributors, but it also shines a light on select people who embrace the true spirit of collaboration we embrace here on Stage 32.

Once again, I thank all of you for the kind thoughts and the positive energy you've sent our way over the past few weeks.

Happy Networking!

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