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Conquering Our Craft
2018 Stage 32 Writing Successes


You all are crushing it in 2018, setting a pace for an all-time record number of requests, meetings and more this year. Pitch sessions, script coverage, consultations, contests and more are leading to Stage 32 Writer successes every day. Here's to celebrating past successes and creating new opportunities as we work together to conquer the screenwriting craft!


Conquering Our Craft 2018 Stage 32 Writing Successes


Understanding Success

"It's all about people. It's about networking and being nice to people and not burning any bridges. Your book is going to impress, but in the end it is people that are going to hire you." - Mike Davidson

Selling a script, getting staffed, and landing representation are milestones screenwriters aspire to, but when it comes to building a successful career, we at Stage 32 know it's all about relationships. Every request for a read is an opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Every meeting is a chance to develop a rapport. Every bit of feedback is a chance to learn from a colleague who's already been in your shoes. Every read, meeting and deep-dive is a huge step in the process usually providing two of the most valuable commodities in this business: an invaluable connection, and an open door to submit new material. Most importantly, these situations provide the feedback and experience to help improve your craft, make your script tighter and assist you in navigating the business.

But we know you want the numbers, so let's break things down a bit, shall we?


125+ Pitch Sessions

Stage 32 Writers pitched and received invaluable advice & feedback on how to improve their pitch and their material in over 125 pitch sessions with Producers, Managers, Agents, Development Execs, and more from companies including Skydance, The Cartel, Atlas, Circle of Confusion, Gersh, Amasia, HBO, Millennium, Art/Work, Starthrower, WeTV, Bad Hat Harry, Good Deed, Bohemia Group and more who've worked on projects including Oscar winners Call Me By Your Name, Dunkirk, Get Out, and Wonder Woman. We're on pace for over 250 pitch sessions this year, nearly 43% more than 2017!


40+ Exec Readers

More than 40 execs, a 33% increase over last year, made themselves available to read Stage 32 writer's scripts for First 10 Pages Reviews, Coverage, and Consulting. These services provide Stage 32 writers a unique way to get their script read by the executive of their choice throughout the industry including managers, agents, producers, creative executives and founding partners who would otherwise not accept unsolicited material, including execs at companies like Zero Gravity, Chatrone, Whitewater Films, Lani Pixels, HBO, Industry Entertainment, Endgame, Informant, and more.


450+ Requests

Pitch Sessions, Coverage, and Consulting have led to more than 450 requests for material in 2018 alone, setting a pace for a near doubling of last years numbers for an almost 100% increase in requests! By far the most popular requests were for scripts, but show bibles were a common ask for TV series. One of the most unique requests was a soundtrack for a stage musical.


145+ Meetings

More than 145 Stage 32 writers landed meetings with producers, representation, development execs and more. Most of these came after reading requested material, but some pitches were so good execs immediately requested an introduction with the screenwriter, and others still were requested from coverage and consulting. With 145 meetings in 2018 alone, we're on pace to nearly triple last years meetings for an astounding 200% increase in meetings landed!


Expanding Your Reach

Our goal is always to connect you with more creatives working in Film, TV and on other entertainment projects. We spend nearly all of our time cultivating relationships with executives, companies, and festivals around the world so that we can plug you in with just the right person for your material.

This year Stage 32 was the official education partner for Cannes, the official film networking and education partner for the American Film Market, partnered with Hollyshorts Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, and the inaugural Hollywood Film Con, and has already brought in more execs from more companies than all of 2017 to put us on pace for a near 100% increase in the number of production companies, agencies, management companies, independent producers, and more that we connect with you, our amazing community!



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