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When the book Van Gogh Blues was brought to my attention, I read it with fervor. I was still in my 30's and struggling to understand why creating, writing, and being artistic made me so damn sad sometimes. Not when I was in it, but when it seemed to reach an "endpoint."

Creatives and Depression Are They Linked

I allowed myself to accept that creativity and depression were linked, and carried on through my creative endeavors with as much positivity and freshness as possible.

Of course, there are times I still struggle. Perhaps we all do.

But is the depression, or the creativity-mood disorder, real? Scientists say:

"There’s a stereotype that mental distress is an almost inevitable part of being highly creative. But is there any substance to this idea, or have we been misled – by biographers drawn to artists with colourful and chaotic lives, and the conceits of cultural movements like the romantics?"


Read More Here:

Here's What the Evidence Shows About the Links
Between Creativity and Depression



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