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Bring out the congratulation banners and the fanfares! This week we bring to you a video made by our one and only 3rd Annual Stage 32 Feature Screenplay Contest winner, Jonathan Jordan.

Like our previous contest winners, we had him record his journey as he went through his meetings with our illustrious judges including: Rachel Crouch, development executive for Cold Iron Pictures whose line of work includes SWISS ARMY MAN and DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL, David Harris, an independent producer who has worked on SECURITY and DESOLATION (2017), and many more.

It’s an amazing feeling to see Jonathan enjoying the fruits of his labor and learning from all of these incredible mentors. You can tell from the video that not only is he incredibly dedicated to screenwriting, but that he is a genuine, down-to-earth human being that loves this kind of work.

At the end of the video, he reveals the greatest opportunity he’s received through his journey of meetings, and I for one, am excited to see how this will guide his career from here on out.

We have more contests coming up, so make sure you keep on writing and enter for incredible opportunities! You never know what could happen.

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Advice from Stage 32 Filmmakers



Advice from Stage 32 Filmmakers

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