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Happy Friday Creative Army!
Hoping you are all feeling well and staying safe!
As you know, it has been an insane couple of weeks here at Stage 32. Last Monday, we announced that we are screening all films affected by the SXSW cancellation on Stage 32 to our network of financiers, producers, development executives, distributors, and more. The media support has been overwhelming, and our initiative has since been covered by over 75 news outlets including Variety, CNN, Screen Daily, and more. We've also heard from over 800 filmmakers and connections to films that had their screenings canceled at festivals around the world as well as by over a dozen film festival directors of canceled fests looking to work with us to help their accepted films and filmmakers find a home. We're going to have more news on the screenings front to announce soon.
What's meant more to us here at Stage 32 has been the boundless support, sharing, and positive feedback we have gotten from Stage 32 members all over the world. We see you all, and we thank you!
Since announcing our new screenings initiative, thousands of new members have joined the Stage 32 community, and there is no better time than now to come together to connect, learn, and grow in our digital universe. So with that, I want to welcome our new members to the party by hosting one of my AMAs (Ask Me Anything): Quarantine Edition.  
The entertainment industry is rapidly changing as we all navigate this evolving landscape. In the last few weeks, in addition to talking with over 800 filmmakers from canceled festivals, I've had countless conversations with executives and industry professionals how creatives can keep hustling and put themselves in position to succeed in this new and ever-changing landscape.  With everything going on, I can say without hesitation that I have a LOT to share! And I know you all have questions!
So let's chill together for a couple of inspiring, motivating, and brutally honest hours of craft and industry talk. Remember, no matter what your discipline, skill level, geographical location, etc, this AMA is for ALL! Bring your questions and the energy and I'll handle the rest. 
Amidst this global crisis that has forced so many of us indoors, we are excited to give film, tv, and digital creatives a safe place to stay creative and build relationships with their fellow entertainment industry folks from all over the world. 
As always, registering for my AMA is completely FREE! And the more the merrier, so do invite any of your fellow creative peers to join us as well. 
So let's come together next Wednesday at 1 PM PST for some inspiration, motivation and community love. And if you know any other creative who is not a member of Stage 32 that could use a lift, please invite them as well by sharing the registration link below.  I look forward to spending quality time with you all. 

Mark your calendar!

Ask Me Anything with Stage 32 CEO Richard "RB" Botto Webcast: Quarantine Edition
Wednesday, March 25th at 1pm PST
Free Online Ask Me Anything with Stage 32 CEO Richard RB Botto Quarantine Edition


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