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Hey guys. Hope you're all having a fantastic Sunday.

As you know, we're in the midst of our monthly Introduce Yourself Weekend networking event. This edition has been a record breaker already. We've already surpassed the number of posts, network requests and network connections for a single weekend and we still have over a dozen hours to go.

This seems like a perfect time to revisit a Stage 32 Blog post I made last month called The Most Important Page on Stage 32.

As many of you are well aware, I believe that honing your craft is 50% of your job and networking the other 50%. I take my networking very seriously and I wouldn't have my management, my producing credits, my upcoming two producing efforts or my screenplay in development if not for working Stage 32 with diligence. All of the connections that led to these things happening for me had one thing in common - they all had a completed bio which made it easy for me to either track them down or accept them into my network.

For me, and I know this is true of many of the 400 executives we work in the industry, I will not accept anyone into my network on any social media platform if they do not have their bio filled out in some manner. I value my time (you should too!) and want to make the most of it while networking.

Below, I've posted the video from the The Most Important Page blog which outlines how you can best make use of the Profile page features here on Stage 32. I hope you'll take the time to watch and to fill out your page as thoroughly as possible. This will give you an instant competitive advantage over those who do not take the time.

Hope you all continue to have a very productive Introduce Yourself Weekend!



You can view the Blog, by clicking here.
For detailed instructions on how you can maximize your profile for networking on Stage 32, click here.

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