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Posted by Richard "RB" Botto

Hello 32’ers…Hope you are having a creative week.

I wanted to share some updates we recently made to the Stage 32 Lounge.  First and foremost, we’ve streamlined the Lounge category menu. You can view it here.

The new menu will make it easier to find your favorite Lounge topics and simplify the process of moving from one topic to another.

We’ve also added three new Lounge topics:

Inspirational and Industry Quotes – Have a favorite motivational quote?  A go to saying that gets you through the day to day?  Perhaps a quote about your craft from one of your favorite stars?  This is the place to post…

You’re The Critic – Many of you have requested a place to write capsule or column reviews of films, plays, or television shows.  We’ve heard you loud and clear.  All critics welcome, as are fans or critics of the critics.

Remember, for general film, theater, and television discussion – for example, to start a season long discussion as to how Breaking Bad is going to end or what plays you are anticipating this fall – head over to the Film & TV Discussion and Theater Discussion sections of the Lounge.

Ask Stage 32 – Much like Ask Reddit, this is a section where you can ask Stage 32 members anything that’s on your mind, even if it’s not film, television, or theater related.

We have also added a new section to the Lounge called Spotlight.  Lounge categories in this area include:

Introduce Yourself – Although we have our Introduce Yourself Weekends every 3rd weekend of the month, the Introduce Yourself section of the Lounge is always open.  Stop in and let everyone know who you are, what you’ve done, and what you’re planning to do…If you’re a veteran of the Stage 32 community, be sure to check in and give some support to the new members of the network.

Stage 32 Meetups – Want to set up a Stage 32 Meetup in your town?  Grab the attention of others in your area by posting here.   Thousands of our members around the globe have taken their networking to the street by forming writing, acting, and filmmaking groups or just setting up informal get-togethers.   Don’t forget to post pictures of the event!

Stage 32 Success Stories - Find work or representation?  Cast your film or project?   Secure funding?  Made a career altering connection?  Maybe Stage 32 just kept you in the game?!   Help others in the community by sharing how you used Stage 32 to find success!

So how can you best use the Lounge to your advantage?  What habits will lead to the best results?  Some ideas:

  1. Participate!  Man, this one seems obvious, huh?  But you’d be amazed how many members of the Stage 32 community spend their time browsing instead of posting (We know…We have access to the stats)…

    Post instructional content…or, for that matter, recreational content… Begin a (healthy) debate…Reply to someone asking for advice…Comment on a member’s content…

    Be active, not passive…No one can see you when you hide behind a wall…It’s a social network, be visible, be heard!
  2. Like!  We recently revamped our Like interface (read more here: https://www.stage32.com/site-updates).  It is not only easier than ever to Like content or a post, but you can now see which members of the community are liking material.

    It seems so simple (and therefore so easy to pass up), but pressing Like is a vote of confidence, it’s spreading positive energy, it’s showing support.  And, as a creative, what’s better than the support of your peers?  Plus you earn Karma points!  So you got that going for you, which is nice.

    If you see a good Lounge post, if you like someone’s response, if the material inspires or motivates you, give it a Like...
  3. Share!  You can share any Lounge post on Facebook and Twitter simply by clicking on the respective icons beneath any post (next to the Like button).  We also offer a Permalink (next to the Twitter icon) in case you want to share the link of the post on any other social media or via email.

    So, if you come across a post you like or if someone posts content you relate with, share it with others in the cyberworld.

We hope these changes and tips make the Lounge easier to navigate and participate.  Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out other improvements and additions to Stage 32 which we believe will help not only enhance the user experience, but assist in making more members of the community take further steps toward their goals.

In the meantime, I’ll see you over at the Lounge.  First round is on me.


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