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Fiona Faith Ross isn't afraid to tell it like it is. A screenwriter based in the UK, she's had her share of learning curves, all of which have lead to some pretty powerful realizations in her writing career.

But this one, taken straight from her own site, gives many a writer good reason to consider format. Of her post, she says:

"In my writer's life, I've about covered everything: corporate stuff, magazine articles, technical journals, copywriting, web content, and fiction. You name it; I've writ it. Now screenplays. The formatting wars rage on the Interwebs in another minefield of etiquette and rituals. On one side are the readers who list the hanging offences for screenwriters. On the other side are the Just write your shit rebels. It all got me thinking.

Hey Screenwriter Guess What Formatting DOES Matter

After the brain-hurt creative stuff, I got interested in format. There's more to it than meets the eye. (See what I did there?) Format – like reader's notes – has subtext. I expect visits from the anti-format posse and you story warriors who'd sooner have the copy-editor's head on a pole than let anyone with a red pen near your precious pages. But I don't care. I've fallen for a guy called Format, as nitpicky and OCD as Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper. I totally get him.

So, this blog is my take on format. Feel free to throw rocks at me in the comments here on Stage 32, but I get a buzz out of the presentation thing. Okay, some of us lead sad lives. I don't care what you think about that, either."

Read More Here:

Format Matters



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