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Part 1: A Simple, Powerful Insight

Are you a writer, creative, producer, director, actor, or filmmaker?
Have you struggled to find your "voice?" Is it speaking to you?

If it isn't speaking to you, how can you find it? What is it and what good does it do? If you've struggled with this, my personal experience may help you.

There was a time when I couldn't find the voice within. Once I discovered it, it quickly led me from obscurity to a partnership with the producers of The King's Speech and The Tudors.


How I Partnered with Producers of The Kings Speech  What I Learned Along the Way  Part 1

I suddenly realized my voice had been speaking to me for years - I just wasn't listening. By ignoring it, I was systematically limiting my own potential as an artist. Maybe more.

When I finally decided to give myself to its suggestions my life changed almost immediately. Doors opened, opportunities arose, and possibilities began to appear that altered my career and my life forever.

Suddenly I moved from an unknown writer to an executive producer and writer of the Magna Carta, a mini-series set to be produced by Canadian independent producer Multiple Media Entertainment and Bedlam Productions, a partner on the Oscar-winning The King’s Speech.

But the road didn't go in the direction it was supposed to. Nonetheless, it was an incredible journey. That journey begins with part one of my 12-part series. Perhaps it may benefit you on our shared journey to success.





How I Partnered with Producers of The Kings Speech  What I Learned Along the Way  Part 1

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