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Are your bad guys bad enough?
Evil enough?
Vile and slimy and downright power hungry?

Do they make you cringe when you're writing them?

How To Write the Very Best Bad Guys and Slimeballs So You Cringe

They should. And according to our favorite writers at Bang2Write, the protagonist’s goodness is directly related to how powerful the villain is. That's why we see so many "bad guys" who want all the power while the "good guys" want peace on earth and good will to men.

And yeah, yeah, we know the antagonist (hero) is supposed to be the foundation of the film...but who doesn't walk away loving on the villains, too?

If you've got bad guys and you want to make them better than ever, take a look at the article below and study up on four awesome movie villains writers can learn from.

Read The Full Article Here:

4 Awesome Movie Villains Writers Can Learn From


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