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Off the top of your head, without thinking, what was your favorite coming of age novel?

Mine was, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret. I had to read it because all of the junior high school girls were reading it and talking about the "sex scene" it in. And of course, I had to read that sex scene. It would be my first book that dove into sex and I was very excited about learning more.

It wasn't that great.

But the book was. I remember that.

How Your Favorite Coming of Age Novel Shaped You

Which is why I felt compelled to share the link below. When we sit down to write our stories and scripts, so much of who we are ends up on paper. And while we may be an adult writing them, those defining moments in our life, even as a pre-teen, are what end up on the page.

Give the link below a read. Is your favorite coming of age novel on the list? How did it end? What did you learn? I learned that sex scenes aren't that steamy when Judy Blume writes them. But pick up a Sandra Brown novel and whoooo - whole different ball game.

"...does a coming of age novel require demonstrable maturity in the end? Does said coming of age need to be the primary focus—in plot, in emotional weight—of the novel? Does the main character have to be a literal adolescent in the beginning."


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The 50 Greatest Coming of Age Novels


Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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