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Happy Wednesday Stage 32!

With everything going on in the world right now it is easy to find yourself lacking motivation and drowning in a seemingly endless stream of negativity on the news (first Coronavirus and now "Murder Hornets", c'mon 2020 get it together). While there is certainly a lot of negativity swirling around out there, here at Stage 32 we are continuously honored to bring you inspiration, motivation, education, and community all 100% online - we are proud to be putting the "social" in #SocialDistancing.

As you know, our fearless leader and CEO Richard "RB" Botto does a series of videos called "Ask Me Anything" where he, as the name suggests, answers the Stage 32 community's questions about all things entertainment industry. Recently, RB hosted an AMA: Quarantine Edition where he answers over 20 of your questions about life and the industry amidst COVID-19. Today, I want to highlight a particularly important question RB answers: "How do I stay creative and motivated when faced with negativity?"

Take RB's advice this week to make two lists. One list is of the people who support and inspire you. The second is negative people that get you down and hold you back (and this includes people you follow on social media!) ⁣

Take the second list and cut that negativity out of your life. Unfollow people that make you feel bad about yourself and where you are at in your journey. Then, take the first list and take the time to write letters (or emails, text messages, or even call) them telling them how much you appreciate them.⁣ You will be amazed at what the world brings back to you when you throw some positivity and gratitude toward the important players in your life. 

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How to Stay Creative & Motivated when Faced with Negativity




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