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Happy Saturday Stage 32!
As many of you know, our fearless leader and CEO Richard "RB" Botto regularly hosts "Ask Me Anything" webinars. RB's AMA's are packed with inspirational, no-bs shop talk about all aspects of the entertainment industry. 
Naturally, there was no better way to say hasta la vista to 2020 and hello to 2021 than with a special Ask Me Anything" F@#$ 2020 Edition from RB. I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the highlights that are sure to help you continue to crush your creative entertainment endeavors in 2021. With the Great Content Gold Rush of 2021 in full swing, these videos will give you the inspiration and education you need to position yourself for success. 
Below, you will find three must-watch clips from RB: 
  • How to Succeed in the Entertainment Industry in 2021
  • Types of Content Entertainment Industry Buyers are Looking for in 2021
  • Entertainment Industry Update: Best Parts of 2020 & What to Expect in 2021





Hungry for more? There is A LOT more where that came from! To watch RB's full Ask Me Anything" F@#$ 2020 Edition, click here to watch for free on-demand!

Here at Stage 32, we are a community built on supporting one another's careers and adventures in entertainment. If you know someone who could benefit from RB's inspirational talk, kindly share it with them! If you chose to share the webinar via social media, please tag us @Stage32 on Instagram and Twitter and @rbwalksintoabar on both Instagram and Twitter. As RB says, we're all in this together!



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