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Stage 32 is thrilled seeing the hundreds of success stories that continue to roll in as we uncover talented creatives from all over the world. More short films, features, plays, TV shows and new media than ever before are being created because of the incredible networking and collaboration happening on Stage 32. In addition, The Stage 32 Happy Writers recently has been uncovering extremely impressive new talent including:

Just last week writer Frank Ponce (Los Angeles) signed a shopping agreement with Atlas Entertainment (American Hustle). After Frank was named our second place winner for our Stage 32 | Blood List Search for New Blood Contest, Stage 32 Happy Writers President Joey Juccio set up a meeting between Frank and an executive at Atlas Entertainment. Frank pitched another script he had and after some development, Frank signed a shopping agreement with Atlas!

Director, writer and producer Caytha Jentis (New York) used the Stage 32 Happy Writers Coverage Program to have a one-on-one consultation with Matthew Kniaz who at the time worked at CAA. Together they went through her career thus far and discussed one of her target scripts. After that consultation Matthew worked with Caytha on her script and when he moved over to management company Industry Entertainment as a manager, Matthew signed Caytha as a client.

Writer Jennifer Taylor-Whitehorn(Colorado) submitted her script for an hour consultation with executive Nikki Levy (Frost/Nixon, Ice Age). Nikki saw much potential with the project and requested for Jennifer to send a revised script directly to her. After reading the second draft, Nikki is now producing Jennifer's animation project, Derby!

Introducing Pitching Perks!

As you may or may not know, Stage 32 Happy Writers offers one-on-one online pitching sessions directly to development executives, production companies, managers & agents. All writers and filmmakers that pitch through the Stage 32 Happy Writers will pitch directly to the executive listed. You will never pitch to anyone other than the executive you signed up for. Additionally, should an executive request your script, The Stage 32 Happy Writers works on your behalf to follow up with the executive who requested the material. We are invested in helping all writers further their careers by landing representation, optioning or selling their work, or securing meetings with industry decision makers.

We want to continue to reward our writers that are bringing their "A" game and get you closer to becoming a working writer, so the Stage 32 Happy Writers is thrilled to offer these exclusive pitching perks!

  • Exclusive Educational Interviews- If you sign up for a pitch session, you will receive a recorded or written interview from the executive you just pitched to. The Stage 32 Happy Writers will provide this after the pitch session. This interview will give insight and advice from the executive on how to strengthen your pitch and script overall. This is an interview exclusively for the writers that signed up for that pitch session... and only you can access that interview.
  • Score Card- Each pitch will be scored by the executive you are pitching to. This is to help you understand exactly how you are being reviewed. Your score card will include pitch delivery/presentation, clarity of pitch/story and your set up of characters.
  • The Executive's Pick- The writer with the highest score card of each session will receive a $10 discount off a future pitch.
  • The Stand Out Pitch of the Week- Every week based on the executives' feedback and score card scores, the writer that has received the highest score will get a private phone call with the executive they pitched to. These private phone calls are personal one on one sessions where you can talk more about you as a writer and your portfolio of work.

And that is just the beginning! We has some exciting announcements coming up for the Stage 32 Happy Writers, so you have to stay tuned!

Check out what we have coming up now by clicking here!

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