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Stage 32 Happy Writers is partnering up with the Writers Assistant Network to introduce an incredible opportunity for working TV writers' assistants and support staff. Stage 32 and WAN are teaming up with agents and managers from over a dozen agencies and management companies to create a three month fellowship for ten aspiring TV writers. These agents and managers have created this group to mine for new talent. Eight of the ten spots will be assigned to writers currently working as writers’ assistants or other support staff on TV's hottest shows, and two of these seats will be dedicated exclusively to Stage 32 Members.

Plus, what's even more exciting, even though the group meets in L.A., you don't have to be from L.A. in order to qualify! We are opening 2 seats - one for a writer who lives in or around L.A., and one for a writer who lives anywhere in the world. If you are chosen and you live outside of L.A., you will be able to be part of this group by attending the meetings each week virtually!

This is a one of a kind opportunity! And there is only 1 week to register.


Who's Involved

This group will be overseen by 13 execs from the leading agencies and management companies.


Who's Eligible

Stage 32 is looking for two talented, collaborative and passionate TV writers to take these two coveted seats. We will be choosing one writer who lives in or around L.A. and one writer from anywhere in the world (who will be participating in the sessions virtually). You do not have to be working on a TV show currently to qualify for one of these two seats.


How to Submit

Registration is only open for 1 week. Submissions are being accepted through January 27, 2016.

Submit your 1 hour or 30 minute TV pilot for consideration. The top 10 submissions will get an interview with the heads of the Writers Assistant Network before the winners are picked.


This is a unique opportunity exclusive to Stage 32 members!  We wish all who enter the very best of luck!

Click here to register NOW!


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